Meeting between ALDA President, Oriano Otočan, and President of the Congress, Keith Whitmore

Sep 13, 2012

Good governance

We give a special value to the work of ALDA and to the LDAs and we want to continue to support their activities“, confirmed the President of the Congress, Mr.Keith Whitmore, during a meeting that took place in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe, with ALDA President, Mr. Oriano Otočan. The meeting was the first possibility of the Presidents to exchanges views on the present situation of ALDA and the future cooperation with the Congress, which remains the institutional reference for the organisation.

It was strongly reconfirmed the interest to be involved in common activities, especially in the work of the Local Democracy Agencies so to support local governance and citizens’ participation.
The Congress would also have an important role in discussing the future strategic programme of ALDA, that will be discussed and approved in the next Governing Board at the Council of Europe on the 17th of October.
The President of ALDA, M. Otočan, presented shortly the first steps undertaken since his election in June and stressed once again the importance of the join cooperation with the Congress and the Council of Europe.
“I have been involved in the establishment of the Adriatic EuroRegion with the Congress some years ago. I am sure that such a fruitful cooperation will also be visible here in my new capacity of President of ALDA”.
The meeting was attended also by the Secretary General of the Congress, Mr. Andreas Kiefer, by Mrs. Antonella Cagnolati, Director of the Congress, and by the Director of ALDA, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida.