Meeting in Pula between ALDA President, Oriano Otočan, Paul Vandoren, Head of EC Delegation to Croatia, and Italian Ambassador to Croatia, Mrs. Emanuela d’Alessandro

Sep 28, 2012

EU values and Enlargement

As part of the celebration of the European Day of Languages that was held in Pula on Wendesday, 26th September, numerous ambassadors visited the Region of Istria, among them the Head of Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Croatia, Paul Vandoren and the Italian Ambassador in Zagreb Emanuela D’Alessandro.
President of ALDA and Head of the Department of the international cooperation and EU integration Oriano Otočan had the opportunity to present the activities of ALDA to Mr. Vandoren and Mrs. D’Alessandro, especially in the context of the ALDA’s participation in the programme Europe for Citizens.

Mr. Otočan has introduced the ALDA network that operates in the area of southeast Europe, and among other things deals with the promotion of European values, civic participation and Local Development, and has a role in the European integration processes in the defined area. He also highlighted the importance of the network of Local Democracy Agencies in the context of the future EU enlargement in the South-Eastern Europe after the Croatian accession in EU, as well as he talked about a possible future role of the tree Croatian LDAs after the accession to the EU.