Monumental 9

Balkan Monumental Tour


This nine- month project has been designed as a collaborative initiative of the members (seven Local Democracy Agencies -LDA and ALDA Skopje) of the newly created thematic CSO network – Balkan Network for Local Democracy (BNLD with its main office in Skopje).

The main objective of this project is to help create preconditions for new tourism product development to increase youth employment and income generating activities through engaging micro-localities, youth greeters and vloggers in regional co-operation programme.

All the activities are intended to contribute to the overall objective with specific focus on activities designed to engage youth from local communities in regional intercultural exchange programme to work together on a new tourist product development.


The project forsees capacity building for LDA greeters and vloggers, professional tour guide skills development exercise, field visit and learning by doing approach.

Innovative IT technologies, creation of the regional online platform containing audio, visual and written narratives of the WW2 monuments, social community theatre approach in creating storytelling are all incorporated in the three main project component in order to develop youth friendly innovative promotional actions to provide orientation and publicise the narrative of the nine magnificent monuments from the WW2.

Creation of LDAs regional network of young greeters and vloggers who will explore and valorise cultural, recreational, craftsmanship and culinary heritage in micro-localities and create youth friendly online platform: (Balkan) Monumental 9 is primarily intended to help increase attractiveness for tourist development and income generating activities at micro-localities included in this action