MY EU: “Migration and politics”, first steps in Brescia (IT)

Jan 29, 2013

Good governance

The international conference “Migration and politics”, first international event of the project “My EU: young, equal, inclusive”, will be held in Brescia (Italy) from 1 to 3 February 2013.
This three-days event aims to analyse and develop the relation between migrants and politics in Italy.

A set of activities is foreseen: meeting with groups of refugees and asylum seekers, watching documentary on Italian national politics about migrants and borders and their repercussions at European level, meeting with local associations dealing with the defence of migrants rights, etc.
This event is organised by the LDA Zavidovici as partner of the project gathering 14 Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities coming from Albania, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Macedonia and Malta. The project led by Local Council Association of Malta and in which ALDA is partner, aims at providing a well structured dialogue among twinned or keen-to-cooperate towns, with specific reference to active participation in political life of specific target groups: women, youngsters and immigrants.

Furthermore, an open conference will be organised on Saturday 2 February in the palace of Università Cattolica di Brescia. It will gather professors from different realities working with migrants, such as Pietro Cingiolani from Centro Fieri of Torino, Maddalena Colombo from CIRMIB, Franco Valenti from Foundation for Human Rights Guido Piccini, Maria Perino from University of Piemonte Orientale, Lorenzo Trucco from ASGI (Association of juridical Studies about Migrations), Camillo Boano from University of London. Discussions will start with an overview about migration flows and at national level and continue with an analysis of the relation between migrants and urban spaces and the rights of migrants in work field, with a specific focus on women and new generations. During the afternoon there will be the contribution from different migrants associations active at local and national level such as Yalla Italia, Forum Marocchino and Association of Malians in Italy.

The last dinner will see the participation of 16 students from the University College of London, who will share the results of their study realised in Brescia and analysing 4 different cases where the presence of migrants affects somehow the urban space.

For more information and for registering, please contact Maddalena Alberti, LDA Zavidovici,