Naples 2.0, an international social innovation competition. ALDA invites the LDAs and its members to participate

Aug 03, 2011

Good governance

UniCredit Foundation, in collaboration with the European Network of Civil Society Leaders Euclid Network and Project Ahead has launched an international competition entitled “Social Innovation for Naples”, targeting social innovators from across the world with the aim of offering innovative solutions to six problems encountered in the city of Naples.
The competition is open until 10 August 2011. For further information visit the webpage:

ALDA invites the LDAs and its member to participate to this very interesting challenge of innovative ideas on good local government.
The six challenges are:
1) Turning a confiscated villa into a financially sustainable Social Business – together with “Libera”
2) Making an abandoned Roman bath accessible and sustainable – together with GAN, Gruppo Archeologico Napoletano
3) Creating a sustainable business plan for a volunteering organisation – together with Associazione Gioco, Immagini e Parole
4) Creating a sustainable business model for a non profit organisation that works with school dropouts – together with Maestri di Strada
5) Creating an innovative new method for inclusion of the young Roma population – together with Caritas Naples
6) Creating an innovative new method for recycling textiles sustainably – together with Ambiente Solidale

For each of these fields of intervention, an international panel of judges will select a winner who will receive a grant of €10,000 from UniCredit Foundation, and who, together with the local non profit organisation, will turn the idea into a concrete programme, drawing up an executive project and a business plan.
The second phase of the initiative will consist of the assessment and possible implementation of the most effective projects.