Normandy for Peace: 5 years of activities between North Macedonia and Normandy

Sep 05, 2022

Good governance

Starting in 2006, the Norman and North Macedonian territories have developed their cooperation through different projects, partnerships, initiatives and activities. To ensure the sustainability of the partnerships, the Norman and North Macedonian actors have been used different programmes, among which the Normandy for Peace programme is one of the most notable.

Since its inception, the Normandy for Peace programme has sought to create new channels of cooperation on behalf of the Normandy Region. The partnerships proposed by this programme cover many areas, such as youth, media, culture and new technologies. The partnerships labelled under the Normandy for Peace programme are part of the international strategy of the Normandy region and the sharing of Normandy expertise.

In 2016, it is through the “Eastern Front” project that the programme is exported to Northern Macedonia, in order to raise awareness again through its own heritage.

After more than 5 years of activities implemented in different periods, by many partners and in different axes, a capitalisation publication was created.

Entitled “Capitalisation of the activities carried out in North Macedonia and Normandy in the framework of the Normandy for Peace Programme” the publication aims to highlight the richness of the activities carried out in both territories in the sense of sustainable development and deepening of the cooperation between Normandy and North Macedonia.

The publication is available HERE in two languages, English and French.