Partners meeting of LDA Armenia foundation

Jun 24, 2013

Territorial & local development

The partners’ meeting of Local Democracy Agency Armenia foundation took place on 19th June 2013, hosted by LDA foundation in Gyumri, Armenia.

The Association of Local Democracy Agency was represented by its Director Antonella Valmorbida, Vice President Alessandro Perelli and Policy Officer Peter Sondergaard; the representatives of local partner organizations, (Levon Barseghyan -“Asparez” Journalists’ club, Armine Tukhikyan-Urban foundation for sustainable development, Vahan Tumasyan-“Shirak” Centre NGO), the Head of Projects and Analysis Department of Gyumri municipality, Hayk Sultanyan, and the Acting Director of LDA Armenia foundation Lusine Aleksandryan were present.

The meeting was of vital importance for the functioning and future perspectives of LDA foundation Armenia. The present partners nominated their representatives in the Board of Trustees, consisting of 12 members, and the first composition will be finalised in July. The president of the Board of Trustees is the lead partner, the Region of Rhone-Alpes Region.

The acting director Lusine Aleksandryan was appointed as a new delegate for LDA foundation. During the meeting, several important matters were discussed, including the possible cooperation with the new communities of Armenia and the French Embassy, the recruitment of other partners and how to strengthen partnership, the participation of LDA Armenia foundation in the meetings of the Council of European Movement in Armenia and EAP CSF Forum, future projects and projects with the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

As now LDA Armenia foundation is operational and has a legal status, concrete steps can be made towards the promotion of democracy and citizens participation at the local level.