Youth for Solidarity Economy and Entrepreneurship in Europe


PATHS – Youth for Solidarity Economy and Entrepreneurship in Europe, was designed to promote cooperation and innovation in young social entrepreneurship. The project brought together various organizations that work in the field of education, training, and youth. The whole project was conceived to discuss effective methodologies to promote youth entrepreneurship by integrating the model of solidarity economy into educational materials for youngsters and youth workers.


The project aimed to integrate the model of solidarity economy into educational materials for youngsters.

More specifically, PATHS pursues the following goals:

  • Promoting cooperation and networking among participating organisations and develop activities maintained over time (integrated promotion of youth entrepreneurship) based on ongoing collaboration between European organisations (strategic alliance).
  • Strengthening capacity of organisations working on the promotion of youth entrepreneurship through resources, materials and tools that will improve the quality of its activities and results.
  • Promoting the development of specific skills by workers of the organisations involved (trainers, youth workers) and to provide professional training for them as for facilitators of youth entrepreneurship projects in the field of solidarity economy.
  • Contributing to the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people as an alternative to unemployment and, simultaneously, as a way of emancipation and contribution to society.
  • Contributing to strengthening youth entrepreneurship projects and its transformation into solidarity economy enterprises with consequent multiplier effect in terms of employment and contribution to the common welfare.
  • Contributing to the normalisation of entrepreneurship training approaches combining formal and non-formal education in order to meet specific needs of the business world.

Its long last goal? To contribute to the promotion of social, economic, cultural, and professional growth of the new generations of European citizens, strongly affected by the ongoing economic crisis.