Peja hosts the 4th international meeting of the Valid project

Dec 02, 2021

Good governance

From the 22nd to the 25th of November the city of Peja in eastern Kosovo* welcomed the delegation of the Valid Project in a new opportunity to promote intercultural dialogue and collaboration between the local authorities and civil society.

The Valid project aims to spread more inclusive policies and European values to cities around the region, to finally develop a network of cultural exchange and tolerance. 

In Peja, the delegation from different associations and cities started their stay with a meeting in the Mayor’s office of Mr. Gazmend Muhaxheri

Overall, the agenda was rich of events and excursions:  from a visit to the natural and cosmopolitan heritage of the municipality, to the medieval orthodox to the ottoman time; or the  iconic landmarks included in the visit were the Drin Waterfall, which  is the source of the river Driniand located in the gorge of Drini i Bardhe, in Zhljeb Mountain in Radavc village.

Valid project in Peja: to develop a network of cultural exchange and tolerance

In addition, the delegation had the opportunity to listen to the Choir Siparantum Performance at Professional Theatre Istref Begolli Peja; while meeting the staff of the International Animation festival “Anibar”. Gathered in the theatre next to the centre of Peja, the creators of the festival explained how the project was born, the activities that they do and even showed some of the short films that were projected during previous editions!

Within this event, to emphasize the importance of solidarity and social values, the delegation was first brought to visit  the “Odhise Paskali” Art School, where the art exhibition in the school’s atrium was presented. The latter was comprised of works from the classes on fashion, architecture, paint and graphic design.

Finally, the VALID project partners also had the opportunity to visit the Patriarchate of Peja, an orthodox monastery near Peja; and finally the Bajrakli Mosque and the bazaar. By walking down the street of the city, by talking with people and meeting local delegates, participants had the opportunity to concretely see how culture does unite people, as aimed by the project itself.


The Valid project is co-founded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.