Pigafetta, herbs and spices in Vicenza

Jul 13, 2021

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

On Tuesday 6th of July 2021, within the “Gruppo Scintilla” projects, locals had the occasion to jump into history and meet Antonio Pigafetta, a geographer and writer, who walked down the streets of Vicenza, back in the XV° century.  The association Pigafetta 500, together with ALDA, organised an event dedicated precisely to him. Being an “active citizen”,  more than 500 years ago, his actions positively affected the Italian history. Let’s find out why.

As recalled by Stefano Soprana – President of the association, this historic figure is still quite mysterious. Thanks to research and analysis, today we know that he took part in the first tour around the world, together with Magellano, with whom he had a strong and trustful relationship. More in detail, his  fame is related to the  journal he wrote during his adventure around the Earth, which still represents a milestone not only in history, but also in cuisine.

People from different generations gathered together in “Firenze street”, and let themselves be involved in this event

Hence, bringing back herbs and spices from his travel, Pigafetta brought innovation also in the daily routine of people. Inspired by this, the event was based on interaction with participants, who had to fill a world-picture, with different elements: from herbs to bark; from spices to sand. Kids, parents and grandparents, all together to play and get engaged in finding out more about this great traveller and writer.

People from different generations gathered together in “Firenze street”, and let themselves be involved in this event. Max, a guy living in this street, played music from his balcony; Igi, musician and storyteller, read some extracts from Pigafetta’s book. Storekeepers opened their shops, shared electricity and products with participants: everyone was there to join!

 The occasion also served as a moment of fundraising for the Scintilla Group, with which this event was related to.  After such a great day, ALDA looks forward to the next meetings which will take place on July 31st at 6 PM CET  at “Pampas – Il Giardino Inclusivo”. More information soon!

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