Places have a meaning: ALDA Governing Board in Poland for Ukraine

Nov 25, 2022


The last meeting of the Governing Board of ALDA for this 2022 took place in Wroclaw (Poland). Oriano Otočan – ALDA President – together with the other delegates reached the Polish city, on Thursday 24 November 2022.

Welcomed by the opening speeches of Mr. Jacek Sutryk – Mayor of Wroclaw – Mr. Bartek Ostrowski – Vice President of ALDA and Representative of the Mercury Foundation (Poland)- and Mr. Otočan, the Board dedicated the first part of the meeting to the structural aspects of the Association – be they the implementation of the 2020-2024 strategy; and the activities foreseen for the upcoming 2023.

In Wroclaw, to support the LDAs in Ukraine and  develop a flagship initiative on models of migrants inclusion

In addition, great visibility has been given to the “proposal for a flagship initiative on models of migrants inclusion in our cities and territories” as well explained by the GB Member Mr. Andrea Rilievo.

As well mentioned at the very beginning, the Board gathered in Poland also in light of the current situation in Ukraine, which was the focus of the second part of the meeting. Hence, the GB Members discussed together how to further strengthen and empower the Local Democracy Agencies in Ukraine, so that to provide additional support not only to the colleagues working there, but of course to the population and the citizens living there.

Last but not least, the meeting ended with the analysis and discussion of the Gender and Equality document, upon which ALDA is also working.

Overall, this Governing Board meeting was a successful one, opening for a positive and more engaged 2023!