Promoting Active Mobility in Tunisia and Beyond: The AUTREMENT Project’s Inter Regional Forum spins its wheels! 

Jun 15, 2023

Environment & climate Linked project:

The AUTREMENT project’s Inter-Regional Forum on Active Mobility, held on May 24-25 2023 in the beautiful  city of Mahdia, was a resounding success, showcasing the celebration of sustainable urban  development and the promotion of active mobility in Tunisia and beyond. 

The Forum was organized by the AUTREMENT project consortium, which includes six partners: the  cities of Kairouan, Mahdia, and Strasbourg, along with ALDA, CODATU, and CEREMA. In collaboration  with UN Habitat and Cities Alliance, this event served as a pivotal platform for exchanging knowledgeable information, fostering networking opportunities, presenting the project’s results and boosting collaborative initiatives aimed at shaping a more sustainable tomorrow. 

The event featured around 25 interactive activities that engaged participants throughout the two-day Forum and stimulating side events such as workshops and roundtable discussions took place in a dynamic context. 

A standout moment was the participants’ opening bike parade who pedaled along the streets of Mahdia, showing the concrete potential of biking as one of the most sustainable and urban means of transport.

This moment gathered the collective commitment of the projects’ participants towards a fully sustainable urban development.

The event also included stands and exhibitions held by stakeholders dedicated to promoting active mobility. Special guests such as Lemon Tour, Cadr67 and Vélorution brought their own expertise adding valuable contributions to the discussion. 

More than 150 experts coming from Tunisia and its neighborhood (Algeria, Italy and France) and representing around 60 state and non-state bodies, institutions and associations gathered fostering fruitful exchanges of best practices in the field of active mobility and urban development, while highlighting the wide-reaching impact of the event. In addition to Kairouan, Strasbourg and Mahdia, other Tunisian municipalities beyond AUTREMENT’s partners actively contributed to the debates, such as Ariana, Sfax, and Msaken. 

Civil society, including the six winning associations of the project (ADL, Mahdia Tawassol, Kairouan  Community, We Love Kairouan, and JCI Kairouan) played a key role during the Forum as they held workshops while advocating for sustainable urban development and stating the importance of cooperation between stakeholders in successfully implementing active mobility initiatives. 

The 2-days event set up several opportunities for attendees to quibble around public policies, tactical  urbanism, bike services, gender mainstreaming, citizen consultations, “cyclotourism” or cycling  tourism, decentralised cooperation, future cycling facilities and bike path management. Discussions’ outcomes showcased the Forum’s dedication to address different challenges and  opportunities in the field of active mobility. 

The Forum’s impact is going to extend beyond the event itself: ideas were shared and networks were formed, as the intent is to channel positive change both on a national and international level. The AUTREMENT project  consortium remains at disposal in order to support concrete actions that will shape the future of urban mobility in Tunisia, paving the way towards greener, healthier and more  sustainable communities. 

As the progress continues to expand, we are extremely grateful for every participant, partner and  supporter who contributed to the success of the manifestation. Let’s cherish this green wave by continuing to pedal towards a brighter and more sustainable future together! 

This is the link to the Forum’s aftermovie. Enjoy!

Stay tuned to receive more updates on the AUTREMENT project’s efforts in promoting active mobility and sustainable urban development. Together, we can make a difference!