Raising Awareness

For the cultural heritage in Municipality of Novaci


The project aims to raise awareness for the protection and promotion of the cultural and historical heritage that exists on the territory of the Municipality of Novaci. The year 2018 is the European year of cultural heritage but also marks 100 years from the end of the First World War. The territory of Novaci is rich in cultural heritage and has significant historical importance with remains from the Great War still visible today but largely unknown to the wide public. The purpose of this event is a multifaceted promotion of heritage and natural sites with cultural and historical value in order to raise awareness for their protection and maintenance among local citizens and stakeholders for local-driven sustainable development. The promotional event will be held at the Recreation Park “Konjarka” in Novaci with cultural performances, visits and ecological activities, educational workshops and will include various local stakeholders and citizens.


The general objective of the project is the multifaceted promotion of cultural and natural sites that have historical values and to present them in a form that can reinforce actions for its protection and maintenance from the local citizens and local stakeholders which would contribute for local-driven sustainable development.
The specific objective of the project is:
to address the need for coordinated actions that will valorize the monuments and natural places, by bringing them out to the public with new means of promotion;
to add value in the already valuable, important but not well-known sites by enriching the means for their presentation;
to support preservation of cultural heritage through promotion of its importance.


Organization of promotional event that will be held in Municiplaity of Novaci, at the Recreation Park of Konjarka, that has cultural significance for the Municipality, and which was preserved as part of the above mentioned cross-border project, which serves as cultural and recreational point for the citizens of Municipality of Novaci.

The promotional event will be organized in one day and will include different stakeholders: citizens of municipality of Novaci, local stakeholders, cultural workers, artists, touristic workers, media and other relevant stakeholders.

The promotional event will include various activities such:

  • activities for raising awareness that include: hiking activities to the rest of the cultural and natural sites; workshops; cleaning activities around the cultural and natural sites organized from the citizens;
  • musical happening;
  • educational workshop and on-site visits with young people from high-schools.