ReCAP – Recovering inclusion through Creativity After Pandemic: in November the Kick-off Meeting in Porto

Nov 15, 2022

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights Linked project:

The ReCAP project has officially started, and the Kick-off Meeting took place on 3&4 November 2022 in Porto (Portugal), where the hosting partner Rightchallenge welcomed the whole consortium in their headquarters.

The meeting has been a great opportunity for the ten partners to get to know each other in-person and work together to set the next steps of the project.

The ReCAP project has a valuable goal to reach: it aims at promoting social inclusion and civic engagement of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who faced a further marginalisation from the socialisation places due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the project addresses young people with fewer opportunities, such as NEETs, people with a migrant background, minorities, youths from the LGBTIAQ+ community, and pays special attention to girls.

To face this challenge, the ReCAP project promotes the role of art and creativity as tools to face social exclusion, thanks to the great expertise of the participating organisations operating in the fields of art, creativity, social inclusion and gender issues.

The Kick-off Meeting has been a great opportunity for the partners to get to know each other in-person and work together to set the next steps of ReCAP

During this two-day meeting, ALDA, as project leader, introduced and explained the organisational, management and financial aspects of the ReCAP project, as well as the communication and dissemination strategy to be implemented. The partner Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (SSF) presented the first achievements obtained and the next steps of the Project Result 1 “Local context and needs analysis”, while La Piccionaia and CESIE introduced the main aspects of the second and third Project Results of ReCAP, which have to be carried out during the second phase of the action: the creation of a toolbox for youth workers and a roadmap definition of the local paths.

This Kick-off meeting represented a valuable experience for the whole consortium to share their ideas and discuss the next project activities, but also an opportunity to enjoy the charming city of Porto.