Respond Locally to Global Issues – Call for proposals for local actions on Sustainability: results are out!

May 24, 2023

Environment & climate

In February 2022, ALDA launched a call for proposals to fund ALDA members willing to support participatory actions in the field of sustainability.

In order to promote good governance and citizen participation at the local level in Europe and beyond, ALDA leads a wide range of actions supporting local, national and international stakeholders in achieving their goals in the fields of European integration, decentralisation, human rights, social inclusion, sustainable development, civic initiatives and much more. As its core element, ALDA supports citizens and groups of citizens in their initiatives aimed at improving their local context, building bridges with local authorities in order to make the change real. In this framework, ALDA works through a participatory approach and the method of multilateral decentralised cooperation, always focusing on strong partnerships between local authorities and civil society organisations.

ALDA works with and for local resilient communities, to address the future challenges from a democratic, environmental, social and economic point of view. The call was aimed at supporting local and grass-root initiatives in the field of EU rights and values, in order to promote both a sense of belonging to the EU in view of the 2024 EU elections, and a sense of “local ownership” and engagement in the local community. This way the funded projects were able to pave the way for further activities in this sense and ensure the capitalisation of the results.

“Respond Locally to Global Issues” call for proposals: results are out!

The call was addressed to ALDA members based in the EU which presented their own projects focused on increasing public knowledge, awareness and interest about the EU key policies and strategies.

ALDA received many interesting and qualitative applications. After the evaluation carried out by an appointed  Evaluation Committee (EC), 15 organisations from 8 different countries were selected.

These organizations will implement different strategies at local level targeting different vulnerable groups in areas such as: education, health, climate action, gender equality among others.

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