Safeguarding natural resources, ALDA’s engagement in Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) projects

May 17, 2022

Environment & climate Linked project:
Life BewareGreen Skills for Cities

Taking care of the environment means taking care of our own lives, our neighbors and people sharing the planet with us. Yet, each year water resources are diminishing, and the negative effects of pollution are leading to a climate change, which has to stop now. 

With the will to turn UN SDGs into a concrete reality, while spreading the culture of environmental respect, and working to implement the green transition,  ALDA is very active on the topic of climate change adaptation, especially as far as Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) concern.  Therefore, believing in a bottom-up and participative approach, the Association is delighted to share some relevant material that was developed in the context of three European projects managed by ALDA.

Starting with the Erasmus + “Green Skills 4 Cities Project” which has just started and it is aimed at creating a transdisciplinary education platform targeted to civil servants and local administrators and focusing on the development of skills in the field of NBS for cities.  If you are interested in knowing more about the project and give your input for the design of the curricula, please fill this survey (15 minutes).

Fill this survey and have your say on Nature-Based Solutions and cities!

Similarly, Life Beware Project is intended to develop a strategy for adaptation to climate change and flood risk in urban and rural areas, through the implementation of NBS and the active involvement of the local community. The project produced an online on demand Training on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), targeted to Municipalities, public technicians and local administrators that are interested in replicating the pilot interventions implemented and tested by the project. The training is in Italian with English subtitles and it’s available here

Last but not least, Life Metro Adapt Project which targets the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation strategies (i.a. Nature-Based Solutions) in a metropolitan area, specifically the Metropolitan Area of Milan (CMM). The project designed a practical handbook that offers an overview of the methodology used by the project that allowed the CMM to both develop NBS on the territory and to implement them in the Territorial Plan. The handbook is available here in english

Join ALDA, its team and partners to turn green goals into fact!

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