SAVE THE DATES! All4Climate-Italy 2021: Life Metro Adapt shares the great results achieved by the project!

Aug 16, 2021

Environment & climate

Statement by ALDA Vice President Mr Alessandro Perelli

All4Climate – Italy 2021 brings together all the events dedicated to the fight against climate change that will take place in Italy this year. The aim is to make 2021 a fundamental year for climate ambition. Launched by the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition in collaboration with the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate and with the participation of the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan, All4Climate aims to promote an active and constructive dialogue on the challenges of the climate crisis and encourage the achievement of the objectives of the Paris Agreement. All4Climate represents an opportunity for all those involved in the fight against climate change to make a concrete contribution to the debate ahead of the Pre-COP26 hosted in Milan in September and the COP26 hosted by the UK in November.

The LIFE METRO ADAPT project will participate in the debate from the 21st to the 28th of September 2021 with the multi-days event entitled:

 “Climate change adaptation strategies and measures in the Metropolitan City of Milan”.

The event is the result of the project Metro Adapt – Strategies and Measures for Climate Change Adaptation in the Metropolitan City of Milan, which aims to promote the creation of a solid governance on climate change that is common to all local authorities and to produce the tools that allow them to implement efficient adaptation measures. It will alternate knowledge exchange initiatives with national and international experts with moments of entertainment and guided visits around the territory of the project implementation, with the final objective of bringing the topic of climate change and climate change adaptation strategies closer to public decision makers, technicians, municipalities, citizens, young people and students.

All4Climate – Italy 2021 brings together all the events dedicated to the fight against climate change

Below are the main scheduled meetings:

21st SEPTEMBER 2021:

  • 9.00-10.45 (CEST): International workshop (online): “Climate change adaptation strategies in European metropolitan areas”(EN): The workshop is addressed to national and international local and regional authorities and, specifically, to European metropolitan areas, with the aim of creating a space of dialogue and exchange of good practices of urban climate change adaptation. Furthermore, starting from the climate change adaptation strategy designed by LIFE Metro Adapt, it will boost a co-creation process leading to the co-design of a sustainability plan and to the creation of synergies and future collaboration opportunities among the participants. The meeting will be held online in English.
  • 11:00-13:00: Exchange meeting with the Climate Knowledge Network (IT). The objective of this interesting meeting is to share the Nature-Based Solutions monitoring tool created by the LIFE Metro Adapt Project and to stimulate the creation of synergies among the participants. The event will be held at Cascina Cuccagna, Via Cuccagna 2/4 ang. Via Muratori, Milan, in compliance with the health regulations and the Covid-19 social distancing and individual protection measures in force.
  • 14.30-18.30: Nature Based Solution Walking tour (IT). Participants will be guided through some of the most significant Nature Based Solutions in the Milan metropolitan area. Live guided tours will take place with a limited number of participants and upon registration, in compliance with the Covid-19 health and social distancing and individual protection measures in force.

24th SEPTEMBER 2021:

  • 20:30: Theatre show PALE BLUE DOT – PALLIDO PALLINO BLU (IT): A Jet Propulsion Theatre show by the Arditodesio Theatre Company. An incredible story of hope, wonder, and beauty, by and with Andrea Brunello, directed by Christian Di Domenico, music by Enrico Merlin. The evening will be introduced by the Metropolitan City of Milan and Legambiente Lombardia. After the show, participants will have the opportunity to dialogue with Andrea Brunello and the Project Team. The location is yet to be defined (Milan).

28 SEPTEMBER 2021:

  • 9:30-16:30: Final Conference of the Life Metro Adapt project (IT): The project partners will present the achieved results and the sustainability plan of the project, in order to give continuity to the process started, through the adoption of climate change adaptation measures and strategies in the metropolitan area of Milan. Afterwards, participants will be invited to share their knowledge and experience in three focus groups: i) Knowing the climate; ii) Climate change adaptation; iii) Communicating the climate. The focus groups will be followed by a moment of restitution of the results of the work in plenary session. The event will be held at Cascina Cuccagna, Via Cuccagna 2/4 ang. Via Muratori, Milan. It will be possible to follow the plenary sessions online, through the Go To Meeting platform.
  • 17:00: Photo contest awarding event (IT). Award ceremony for the winners of the photo contest PhotoAdapt – The impacts of climate change in the Metropolitan City of Milan.  The contest participants and their companions (maximum 2 per person) will be invited to an aperitif at Cascina Cuccagna, Via Cuccagna 2/4 ang. Via Muratori, Milan. The event will be streamed on the Metro Adapt Facebook Page.

We look forward to seeing you there!