SCEPA Call to be part of a community of interest working on energy poverty in Europe

Apr 03, 2024

Environment & climate

A call for municipalities and organisations working with families affected by energy poverty to be part of a community of interest with various advantages!

According to statistics, in Europe, 9.1% of households are found to be “energy poor”, which means that they constantly live in a house that is not warm enough and/or they face energy bills that can be as high as 10% of their income or even higher. While this is a situation that dramatically affects the heavily populated regions of Northwest Europe; these numbers will probably get worse, all over Europe, because of geopolitical reasons at play since 2022. Therefore, reducing energy poverty is a major concern for European municipalities and the organisations that support municipal plans in reaching out to the households.

Measures and technologies that can alleviate energy poverty are available, but it is not always easy to implement them and replicate them in a local contest. It is especially hard to reach vulnerable households and the associations that represent them. These usually require a tailored approach bridging the gap between available solutions and households in need.

And this gap is the reason why the SCEPA Project, belonging to the NWE Interreg Programme, was written. SCEPA (Scaling up the energy poverty approach), as a project, aims at:

  • Reducing and alleviating energy poverty by engaging and alleviating the situation of vulnerable households;
  • Collecting proven measures and interventions and pilot their replicability and transferability;
  • Making the just transition a tangible reality.

The objectives of SCEPA are these ones and you can be part of it through the community of interest and you can be part of it!

  • Are you a Municipality or an organisation working with families affected by energy poverty?
  • Maybe you are an academic institution, a SME, a financial institution, a societal group, a national, regional or local body active in that sector?
  • Are you in need of finding collaborations for exploring alternative solutions or scaling up the ones you already realise?

Then SCEPA is for you and with the SCEPA community of interest you will be able to:

  • access a learning environment where universities and municipalities are exploring together effective measures and initiatives for fighting against energy poverty;
  • follow online or in-person meetings with these universities and municipalities, according to your budgetary availability;
  • get cost-free learning material produced on a monthly and 6-month basis (monthly newsletters and technical reports);
  • disseminate info and material, created together, to spread behavioural change on energy consumption or to create energy communities in vulnerable neighbours, in your local area;
  • be able to give valuable feedback on approaches and results from the SCEPA project.

SCEPA is a 4-year long project, running until June 2027, and it is funded by the NWE Interreg Programme of the European Commission. 

In order to be considered for the SCEPA Community of Interest, kindly fill up the following registration form, leave your contacts and tell us more about your local contest. You will eventually be contacted by:

ALDA Project Manager, Alice Grazio, | +39 392 3435281.

Register through the Google Form here.

For further information on the project click here or please contact:

SCEPA Lead Partner Municipality of Arnhem, Hans van Ammers, | +316 31114929

SCEPA Communication Manager, Erik van Cuijk, | +316 1183 7272