Second Transnational Meeting for the PACIFY-D project!

Dec 02, 2022

Digital & innovation Youth empowerment & Education Linked project:

On November 24, 2022, the PACIFY-D project partners gathered together in Athens (Greece) for the second face-to-face Transnational Meeting.

The PACIFY-D project, working towards providing innovative training opportunities to young people and establishing Country Info Points as local learning centres for youth education, to strengthen democratic attitudes through civic engagement and civic participation, was officially launched during the Kick-Off Meeting on June 20&21, 2022, which took place in Pecs (Hungary).

During this second Transnational Meeting, the partners, warmly hosted by KMOP in its headquarter, had the possibility to discuss the project progress. In particular, attendees presented their workplan and shared their views on the preparation of the first project result, namely the “Training materials for Young Local Ambassadors”. Notably, these materials will serve as guiding tools for youth workers to involve and train young people on diplomacy and local democracy, with the aim of fostering young people’s participation in their society. Partners commonly agreed on the next steps concerning the finalisation of this outcome. Thanks to the coordination of KMOP and the co-leading role of Interarts, all project partners will work together to create interactive, interesting, and digitalised training materials. Relevant updates will be available in the next few months.

The Transnational Meeting represented a valuable experience for the whole consortium to share their ideas on the project and enjoy the charming city of Athens

The training materials developed during this first phase of the project will be the basis for the creation, piloting, and testing of Country Info Points (CIPs), expected in the second phase of the action implementation.

Subsequently, the project coordinator provided all partners with relevant inputs on project management and quality assurance in Athens, in order to ensure a smooth and proper implementation of the action. Finally, coordinated by ALDA, all partners discussed the communication and dissemination of the project, exchanging views on its objectives and results.

The meeting represented a great opportunity to monitor the project progress, to define the next steps and to share points of view on the project topics, which are crucial for every partner organisation. It was also a valuable experience for the whole consortium to share their ideas and enjoy the charming city of Athens.