Shades of Democracy, the new ALDA Podcast

Jan 24, 2022

Digital & innovation

ALDA podcast: the new and fresh initiative directly from our Communication Department!

The Association, as well as its network and friends, is engaged in concrete and tangible actions. Willing to promote positive change and democracy, through dialogue and interaction, ALDA has launched this new multimedia project: Shades of Democracy, the ALDA podcast

Why a podcast? Because we don’t need to grab a heavy book to learn about democracy and democratic practices.With this new podcast series, we want to get closer to people, in a more informal way, turning what may seem as an abstract topic, into a daily exercise.

Shades of Democracy: your monthly pill of good, democratic, stories

What do we mean by “Democracy”? When can we talk about citizen engagement and participatory process? Through our podcast “Shades of Democracy” we give explanations, examples and hopefully inspiration, with the objective of stimulating your curiosity and stimulating dialogue and interaction.

Curious to know more about, citizens engagement, crowdfunding, culture and youth participation? We are going to discuss all of this and more on “Shades of Democracy”, but this is just the beginning. Much is going now, and new interviews and chats are already scheduled.

Every month a brand new episode right in your headphones, to understand what local democracy looks like in our everyday lives. 

What are you waiting for? Find it the main podcast platforms:

Google Podcast