Sicily starting point for the development of local governance in the Mediterranean area

Jun 30, 2011

Good governance

Sicilian Region and ALDA promote the second meeting with the mayors in Sicily on “Active citizenship and participation for local governance in the Mediterranean” (Catania 1st of July 2011, conference hall of ESA Palace, via Beato Bernardo, 5).

Following the meeting held the 19th of April 2011 in Palermo, the Sicilian Region, the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) and several Sicilian Municipalities, have started the elaboration of a series of planning paths for the promotion of a stable partnership in the Mediterranean.
How can local governments to become positive leaders in Sicily of a new concept of local governance in the countries of the Med, which from the bottom, try to give concrete answers to the causes of migration and the problems they bring to their communities?
One possible answer to this question will try to give tomorrow in Catania the Sicily Region, in particular the Department of Foreign Affairs in Brussels, led by Dr. Francesco Attaguile, and ALDA, Association of Local Democracy Agencies, with Director Antonella Valmorbida, who organised a second meeting with the Sicilian municipalities.

Tomorrow (Friday 1st of July 2011, 10.00) at the conference hall of ESA Palace, (via Beato Bernardo, 5) will discuss the theme “Active citizenship and participation for local governance in the Mediterranean”.
The Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA), in collaboration with the Sicilian Region has achieved, among other initiatives, a project for the entrepreneurial and managerial training of citizens of the Maghreb to “capitalise” their ability to develop new activities in their country of origin or to facilitate a full integration in the host countries.
In line with the “Palermo Declaration”, signed by 50 institutions representative of 20 countries in May 2010 during the conference “United by the Mediterranean” organised by the Sicilian Region, ALDA is strongly convinced of the importance of strengthening the euro-Mediterranean partnership for the promotion of human rights and participation of all citizens in the life of local communities in which they live.

Many Sicilian municipalities have joined the meeting, which aims to promote the development of synergies between the activities of ALDA, Sicily Region and Sicilian municipalities interested in promoting local governance and participation of citizens in Europe and in the Mediterranean, sharing experiences and best practices among the actors involved. The ultimate objective of the meeting is to develop local projects, within the project guidelines and funding of the European Community, as an opportunity for stable cooperation for development and peace in the Mediterranean.