“Support for networking at EU level – SNET.EU”, a new project of LDAs Osijek and Subotica, ALDA and other local partners

Sep 21, 2012

Good governance Linked project:

Officially started on 17th September a common project between LDA Osijek, LDA Subotica, ALDA and other local partners.
The project named “Support for Networking at EU Level – SNET.EU” is a part of the programme IPA CBC Croatia – Serbia and will last for 18 months.

The applicant in Croatia is Local Democracy Agency in Osijek with partners the Croatian Institute for Self-Government (HILS) and Evangelic Theological Seminary (EVS) both from Osijek.
The applicant in Serbia is Local Democracy Agency in Subotica with partners ALDA as well as Open University Subotica.
The main objectives of the project are: to build capacities of local institutions and local authorities for understanding regional EU policy and European integration process; to promote town twinning as a tool for development of European active citizenship; to contribute to twin town/municipality partner search for LA from Croatia and Serbia at European level and to contribute to networking and cooperation between LA from Croatia and Serbia.
Its aim is also to contribute to capacity building of human resources for supporting and developing of town twinning involving local authorities in rural areas of Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Sermium Counties in Croatia and Bačka District in Serbia through establishing of resource centers for town twining.
Besides being a great opportunity for capacity building of small municipalities both in Croatia and Serbia this project is a great contribution for involvement of experts and partners from LDAs and ALDA regional and European network as well as for further cooperation.