Supporting participative democracy in Algeria

Oct 11, 2022

Territorial & local development

From 3 until 7 October, 2022, Antonella Valmorbida, ALDA Secretary General, was in Tlemcen, Algeria, to deliver the third round of capacity building activities to Local Authorities on good governance and citizens engagement

After the successful past experiences, Ms. Valmorbida returned to the country to deliver high-level trainings on participative democracy as part of the programme for supporting local participative democracy and social accountability, started back in 2017.

The programme valorises the importance of citizens’ engagement in strategic development and solution problem-oriented policies.

ALDA is back in Algeria for the third round of capacity building activities on participative democracy to Local Authorities

Selected by SOFRECO, a worldwide leading company in consultancy with a mandate from the Algerian Ministry of Interiors and the support of the European Commission, Ms. Valmorbida, along with two other experts, Mr Mohamed Sakri and Mr Moufida Ouselati, led the formation of 45 heads of Daira, territorial administrative Units known in English as ‘districts’. By the end of 2022, it is foreseen the training of a total of 270 heads of Daira.

This third round of activities strengthens the already solid cooperation between the country and the Association, testifying the role of ALDA as a reliable and specialised partner not only in Europe but also in the Mediterranean area.

We conclude this fruitful and intense week with the willingness to further nourish this partnership in the future and to continue spurring democracy at the local level and building resilient communities worldwide.  

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