The APProach platform: learn, engage… and exercise your rights as a mobile EU citizen!

Aug 28, 2020

Digital & innovation

Did you know that the APProach project created an online platform? Discover this great digital tool! 

Why the platform? One of the goals of the project was to design an online platform where European citizens and project partners can collaborate together. During various months, through test group activities and surveys, the project consortium asked for feedback from a number of EU citizens about the platform, what they wanted to see in it, etc…

The APProach platform was hence born thanks to the collaboration of both parties in order to answer as best as possible the questions and needs of mobile European citizens when they arrive in a new city.

How does it work? This platform was developed by 6 European cities that have a strong wish to help their newcomers: Paris, Lisbon, Etterbeek, Milan, Vejle and Nea Smyrni. A dedicated page was designed for each city, and the majority of the pages are both in the national language and in English.

By navigating the platform, every EU citizen will be able to find information on various topics such as education, civic and social life as well as voting. There is also an option to be an active participant in the evolution of the platform by becoming its member, thus being enabled to share events through a collaborative calendar and to help other newcomers by translating content in other languages.

What are you waiting for? Visit the APProach online platform:

For more information about the APProach project

About the project: starting in April 2018, the APProach project is working to fill an existing gap which limits the exercises of citizens’ civic rights by co-creating an online platform. The project is co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme, aiming to facilitate the circulation of information towards EU mobile citizens for them to effectively exercise their rights in their welcoming city.