The “Speak up” project launches with kick-off meeting in Bucharest

Apr 16, 2024

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights Youth empowerment & Education

On April 3, the consortium of the newly launched Erasmus+ project “Speak up” came together in Bucharest (Romania) for its kick-off meeting, marking the beginning of an exciting journey.

Led by Grupul pentru Dialog Social (Romania), the consortium comprises Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány (Hungary), ALDA (France) and Centre of Active Citizens for Sustainable Development (Cyprus).

Speak up is an Erasmus+ project, which aims at fostering youth engagement and participation through the creation of a resilient network of youth debate clubs across Romania, Cyprus and Hungary. Recognising structured debate as a pivotal tool for civic learning and empowerment, the project aims to equip young individuals with the requisite skills and confidence to become proactive citizens within their local communities.

One of the project’s commitments is inclusiveness

By extending its outreach to vulnerable groups, including Roma communities, young migrants, and those susceptible to radicalisation, SPEAK UP commits to ensure that every voice is not only heard but also valued. Through creating debate clubs in disadvantaged areas and, with the support of the partners, the project strives for a more inclusive and cohesive society. Indeed, the consortium recognises the debate platform as a venue of dialogue and exchange, capable of amplifying youth voices and fostering exchange between different groups.

During the Kick-off meeting, the partners had the chance to connect, share ideas, and determine together the next steps of the project. An important highlight was the presentation of the ARDOR, as an associated partner of the project. As the Romanian Debate and Oratory Association, they explained the World School Debate format, outlined its extensive network within Romania, and shared the methodology employed in its debating activities with young individuals.

ALDA, in turn, will play a crucial role by training and empowering youth workers and youth on issues of participatory democracy and youth engagement, so they could in turn make a lasting mark in the local communities.

SPEAK UP holds promise as an exceptional opportunity to amplify youth voices, encourage their active involvement, and empower them to assume leadership roles, thus contributing to the cultivation of a brighter future for generations to come.