Tourism, a common topic in the cooperation between French and Macedonian municipalities

May 16, 2012

Good governance

Tourism development is a common topic in the cooperation of French Municipalities with North Macedonia. This is what emerged from the third meeting of municipalities and communities from the Region Lower Normandy cooperating with municipalities from North Macedonia. The meeting took place on April 25 at the Regional Council of Lower Normandy to discuss the cooperation between cities from the two territories.
At this meeting, organised and animated by the Regional Council of Lower Normandy and the Association Horizons Solidaires, representatives from the municipalities of Caen, Ifs, Hermanville-sur-Mer and Cherbourg as well as the communities of St. James, Ouistreham and Fleury-sur-Orne discussed their cooperation with North Macedonia. This was an excellent opportunity for the local authorities to learn more on political, economic and social situation in Macedonia, but most of all to exchange experiences of their individual cooperation.
Tourism development is a common topic for all municipalities, and as such was discussed on thematic workshop held in the afternoon of the meeting. Given the impact that tourism can have on territorial development, possibility of creating joint project was discussed for the near future.
The group of Macedonian local authorities cooperating with Lower Normandy will meet in May in Skopje. The meeting of both groups will be scheduled in September in Lower Normandy.
In the framework of the Decentralised cooperation between Lower Normandy and North Macedonia, there are currently seven active town twining’s, and more pairings are planned in the future. The town twinning segment builds up contacts and friendship with communities from the two territories and promotes better understanding. The Programme for Decentralised cooperation is coordinated by ALDA.