Urban regeneration and territory valorisation at the core of ALDA’s action in Vicenza

Jul 05, 2023

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

As promoter of the Scintilla Group and partner of the project V.A.N.G.A. – Vicenza per l’Ambiente. Nuove Generazioni in Azione, in June 2023 ALDA organised two events in Vicenza (🇮🇹) and its surroundings, aimed at engaging citizens on urban regeneration initiatives around the city. 

The first event took place in the beautiful setting of the Inclusive Pampas garden, where three important initiatives and projects related to urban regeneration, eco-sustainability, active citizenship and urban greenery were presented. The event was launched by Elia Pizzolato, Councillor of the Vicenza Municipality, who reiterated the municipal administration’s willingness to support initiatives to redevelop the quadrilateral area, notably the district of Viale Milano. 

The V.A.N.G.A. project was one of the main focuses of the meeting. Presented by Gloria Marini of La Piccionaia – Centro di Produzione Teatrale and financed by the Cariverona Foundation, the project aims to promote environmental education among youngsters through the use of innovative pedagogical tools, notably performing arts and languages. The introduction of this initiative in schools as a way to enhance youth engagement was also discussed.

Afterwards, ALDA EU Project Coordinator Nadia di Iulio and Pampas President Francesca Volpiana stated the fruitful experience of the Scintilla Group: both active in Viale Milano, the two associations’ meeting of minds gave birth in 2019 to this wonderful initiative which works to enhance dialogue among citizens of the quadrilateral Via Torino/Florence/Naples and Viale Milano (Vicenza), with the aim of involving civil society in reviving the area.

Laboratorio Spazi Rurali e Boschi Urbani representative, Davide Primucci concluded the evening by introducing to the audience the makeover of the breathing heart of Vicenza: Cascina Carpaneda and its Urban Forest. This natural park has been subjected to a regeneration and planting process by the municipal administration since 2009, which has transformed it into a place rich in biodiversity. 

The Carpaneda Urban Forest was precisely the destination of the second initiative set up by ALDA on June 16th, 2023 on the occasion of the opening of the Carpaneda Ecofestival. Held from 16 to 18 June, the 3-days manifestation proposed many engaging activities for adults and children in the beautiful frame of Vicenza’s green countryside, located in the rural peri-urban area of Carpaneda.

Both events were conceived as a way to actively involve the local community and provide it with knowledgeable information on the local area to promote its relaunch

On June 16th, 2023, as part of the Ecofestival ‘Towards Carpaneda, a travelling conversation’, EQuiStiamo and Laboratorio Spazi Rurali e Boschi Urbani representatives Mirco Corato and Davide Primucci together with ALDA Project Manager Alessia Marzotto accompanied participants from the centre of Vicenza to the Carpaneda wood. While walking throughout an itinerary of exploration, live thematic contributions were delivered through wireless headphones: each participant had the opportunity to learn about food production and distribution models, land consumption and urban regeneration in Vicenza and its neighbourhoods, notably Viale Milano. The aim of the walk was to make participants live an experience characterised by the slow and symbolic approach to the rural peri-urban context of Carpaneda. The final destination of the walk was 100orti farm where the inauguration of Carpaneda Ecofestival took place at 6 pm.

Both events were conceived as a way to actively involve the local community and provide it with knowledgeable information on the local area to promote its relaunch. ALDA and the Scintilla Group have passionately dedicated themselves to the organisation of these initiatives as to raising awareness on environmental preservation and the promotion of sustainable development in the Vicenza area.