Villa Angaran welcomes the Universal Civil Service volunteers

Jul 15, 2022

Citizens engagement

It has started! With much enthusiasm ALDA team welcomed, in Villa Angaran, the selected Lighting Europe Democracy (LED) volunteers, who will join the Association for the next upcoming months.

Starting from Monday 11 July 2022, nine young freshly degreed students have been attending two-weeks in depth training tackling most of the different activities, and thus meeting several ALDA colleagues.

From a general perspective, this year project, developed together the Municipality of Cremona within the Italian “Universal Civil Service” Programme , focuses on promoting peace among people, and cooperation. Hence, the volunteers will follow how the general target of the project is translated into daily actions within ALDA.

Villa Angaran is now hosting in-depth trainings for this year Civil Service volunteers

With this is mind, the trainings that are now taking place in the peaceful and beautiful surrounding of Villa Angaran in Bassano del Grappa (Italy), allow participants to find out more on:

  • Participatory processes
  • How to develop a project
  • How to communicate and disseminate
  • The logistic side on organising projects’ meetings
  • The financial management

Divided into small working groups LED volunteers actively took part in the trainings, by drafting – for example – a communication plan, or an event budget.

Activities will continue for another week, then LED participants will reach ALDA offices in Brussels, Strasbourg and Skopje. ALDA team wishes all the best, waiting for upcoming news and updates!

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