Active Citizenship, Elections and Democratic Transition in Tunisia


The project aims to facilitate the smooth running of the upcoming elections in Tunisia through the dissemination of information to young people and the setting up of an online forum for open discussion.


The general objective of this project is to contribute to the transition towards a more successful democratic system and, to this end, the improvement of the electoral process in Tunisia as much in its organisational as in its political dimension. The specific objective of the project is to train, engage and raise awareness among young people and women of the electoral procedure and political debate.


  • Training of 24 Regional Coordinators

To begin with, there will be a selection (with a gender-balance requirement) of participants in close collaboration with regional associations and members of Lam Echaml. This training aims to reinforce the capabilities and competences of young people on the subject of active citizenship and the electoral process.

  • Training of 120 Civic Educators

The training will cover the following themes: active citizenship, citizen’s guidance methodology, election information, incentives to vote and the presentation of candidacy, conflict management, negotiation, using the platform as a tool.
A handbook on Active Citizenship will be drawn up which will then be used to support the awareness-raising campaign.

  • Citizen’s Advice

The civic educators of each prefecture will be responsible for organising the advisory meetings.
The advisory meetings will work on different subjects, for example: Reports and bills (relating to questions which are topical at the time of the advisory meetings); Recommendations on the smooth running of the elections; Important subjects at municipal level (development and local democracy).
Moreover, the advisory meetings will serve as a source of information for citizens.

  • Awareness-Raising Campaign

Two campaigns, one before the legislative and presidential elections and another before the municipal elections.
The campaign will be managed by the regional coordinators and civic educators, who will go around local areas especially places where people congregate in large numbers (the town square, souks, schools, clinics).
The Awareness-Raising campaign has the following goals : encourage people to vote, to sign up to the electoral lists and to the presentation of candidacies.

  • Setting up the platform

The interactive online platform will be hosted and updated by the civic educators.
The role of the platform is to put together a network of associations and activists; a place of interaction between citizens with the aim of supplying reliable information on the election process.