Water’s Experts: Kick-off Meeting in Oporto underlining the importance and the role of it

Sep 14, 2022

Environment & climate Linked project:
Water's Experts

The Water’s Experts project has started, with the kick-off meeting which took place in Oporto (Portugal) on 3 and 4 September 2022. The partner Geoclube – Associação Juvenil welcomed ALDA and the other project partners to their office in Rio Tinto, municipality of Gondomar. In addition, as President of the association “Paese dell’Acqua” and leader of the consortium, Mr. Iamiceli was present at the meeting, being also an ambassador of ALDA!

On the first day, some aspects of the project have been defined, among them the main objectives of the training courses; as well as the “communication and dissemination strategy”.  The second day of the event was devoted to visiting the so-called Pavilion of Water, in Oporto, a small-scale project that aims to raise people’s attention on the issues of water scarcity and pollution of the oceans.  In addition, guided by Geoclube, the partners were able to enjoy the charms of Oporto and learn some of the city’s river characteristics, particularly in the Rio Tinto area.

Water’s Experts: raise awareness on climate change adaptation, underlining the importance and the role of water

From a general perspective, the project aims to adequate school studies to the job market needs, using training methods which are new, practical and more relevant for the work contest. On the other hand, the project’s goal is to raise awareness on climate change adaptation, underlining the importance and the role of water.

Finally, the kick-off meeting in Oporto has been a unique opportunity to coordinate with partners and set the agenda for the next steps. In the upcoming months, the partners will involve schools ready to join the project and identify students willing to take part in the training course. Meanwhile, ALDA, as the partner in charge of the project’s communication, will develop the web page and manage the social media together with partners.


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