WE ACT Project: Call for Turkish women and CSOs to benefit from free trainings in the framework of the 2024 Türkiye local elections

Oct 13, 2023

Good governance

Are you a woman considering running for the next 2024 local elections in Türkiye, but are seeking support on how to embark on it?

Are you a Turkish CSO interested in bringing the voices and needs of women into local governance? You are working to support them, but you want further empowerment towards the next local elections to be at their side?

We are looking for you! Apply to participate in our free training sessions.

This programme is organised in the framework of our project WE ACT (“Women Empowerment and ACTion in Politics and Media”), funded by the European Union. All women who are considering running for office can apply irrespective of any specific requirements. The training is totally free of charge and participation is fully covered by the program, which will be offering political and media training to effectively prepare participants prior to the elections, and for them to feel totally confident running their campaign and potentially assuming their position as elected representatives. Interested women from all over Türkiye can review the call for participants and apply via this link.

In addition, in the framework of the same project, we are also opening a Capacity building programme for Turkish civil society organisations working on women/Gender equality rights on the topic of Participatory Democracy, which will enable them to strengthen their knowledge and methods on how to intervene in local decision-making processes, and benefit from expert support and coaching in their participatory democracy actions. The program is also completely free of charge for these organisations. Interested organisations can review the call for CSOs apply via this link.

What does the WE ACT Program offer exactly?

  • 5 days in-person training for women candidates
  • 4 days online training for women candidates

On the topics of:

  • Candidacy Process and Effective Campaign Management
  • Political Communication Strategies
  • Media Visibility and Election
  • 2 days in – person and 4 days online training for women candidates and CSOs


  • Coaching Capacity Building Programme on Participatory Democracy

Apply now!

Where will be the training take place?

Trainings will be implemented in the 7 regions of Türkiye, if selected, you will be invited to join the training implemented in the city that is the closest to you!

How to apply?

Read the full call for participants of WE ACT to have more information about the call and how to apply! The call has been launched on October 12, 2023.

Read the call for participants for women politicians (in Turkish) for the We Act Politics and Media Training 

Read the call for participants for Civil Society Organisations (in Turkish) for the We Act Training and Coaching Capacity Building Programme on Participatory Democracy

The WE ACT project is funded by the European Union.