Welcome to the new Governing Board of ALDA

Oct 26, 2020

Good governance

On Friday October 9th, just after the Extraordinary General Assembly, the 12 candidates to the Governing Board were unanimously elected: an unprecedent situation justified by the number of candidates, being 12 as the positions available, and the excellence of each of them.

Thus, each candidate briefly introduced himself/herself and the ALDA-member organization they represent, highlighting the motivations to become part of the Board.

Afterwards, we all assisted to the proclamation of the new Governing Board of ALDA, officially composed by:

Mr Maurizio Camin, Association “Trentino con i Balcani” (Italy)

Mr Emir Coric, Municipality of Centar (North Macedonia)

Mr Didier Duboisset, Pays Vichy Auvergne (France)

Ms Shorena Khukhua, Kutaisi Municipality (Georgia)

Mr Roger Lawrence, individual member (United Kingdom)

Mr Dobrica Milovanovic, individual member (Serbia)

Mr Bartek Ostrovski, Merkury Foundation (Poland)

Mr Oriano Otočan, Istria Region (Croatia)

Mr Alessandro Perelli, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region (Italy)

Mr Andrea Rilievo, Social Cooperative “Studio Progetto” (Italy)

Ms Natasa Vuckovic, Center for Democracy Foundation (Serbia) – Mr Francesco Zarzana, Association “Progettarte” (Italy)

In addition to the elected members, three statutory members make also part of the Board: a representative of the Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform, the President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe or his representative and, finally, a representative of the LDAs network.

“We would like to officially offer our heartfelt thanks to each of the members of the exiting Governing Board”

On the same day of the elections, right after the appointment, the first meeting of the new Governing Board of ALDA took place, online as the rest of the events. This first internal meeting was particularly relevant not only as one of the first moments the newly elected members had to get to know each other better, but also as the designation field of the new Bureau of ALDA, composed as follows:

Mr Oriano Otocan, ALDA President

Mr Alessandro Perelli, ALDA Vice President

Mr Francesco Zarzana, ALDA Vice President

Mr Bartek Ostrowski, ALDA Vice President

Mr Roger Lawrence, ALDA Treasurer

We wish all of them good luck for the next four years of work and engagement in ALDA Governing Board, and we would like to offer our particular congratulations and appreciations to Mr Oriano Otočan, re-elected President of ALDA, to Mr Alessandro Perelli, reconfirmed Vice President, to Mr. Francesco Zarzana already a member of the Board and elected as Vice President of ALDA, and to Mr Roger Lawrence, also renewed as ALDA’s Treasurer.

On behalf of the whole Association, we are extremely proud to be guided and represented by such a Governing Board, composed of qualified and experienced people, representing the geographical and cultural diversity which are among the core values promoted by ALDA.