“Wellbeing that doesn’t depend on the money.” Cycle of “learning coffee” in Apulia region, promoted by Learning Cities and ALDA

May 22, 2012

Good governance

Learning Cities , the Association of social promotion ” Rete per le Comunità che Apprendono “, is organizing, with the assistance of Local Authorities and the support of ALDA, the “Learning Coffee”  in Apulia Region. It’s a cycle of six meetings in six towns based on interactive discussions, expert testimony, projections and reflections shared.
The meetings, which began May 10, will end June 14.

The topics under discussion range from social, school, waste, environment, mobility, urban planning and energy, read in a degrowth key. Learning Cities, with the active participation of local associations, administrators and the public at meetings already held, wants to start a debate that stimulates the desire to experiment new styles of life inspired by the degrowth and lead to redefine the idea of the future.
All these issues will be addressed in the 3rd International Conference on “Degrowth for ecological sustainability and equity” (, to be held in Venice, 19 to 23 September 2012.