Why a new website of ALDA?

Jul 07, 2011

Good governance

Dear visitors,
Welcome to the webpage of the Association of Local Democracy Agencies, ALDA. The internet is only one, but certainly a very important, communication tool which we shall continue to develop and make available in order to inform all the people about our activities and if possible motivate them to engage in similar worthwhile activities with us or other partners. Below I have summed up the far-reaching endeavours undertaken by our Association.

Since 1999 ALDA – and some of the individual Local Democracy Agencies in our network even longer – have been actively promoting democracy and respect for human and minority rights in the countries of South Eastern Europe and of Southern Caucasus.
Some of these countries are at the threshold of the European Union, though there are a number of challenges to be tackled before that threshold can be crossed. ALDA and the Local Democracy Agencies through helping local communities create a better life for all of their inhabitants have constantly kept in mind that this effort should also be targeted to help the countries in question prepare themselves for the “demands” of EU membership.
Recently, involvement in the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership of the EU, EaP, has led ALDA to increase attention on the countries of Eastern Europe and intensify its longer term activities to help strengthen and promote the role of civil society in Belarus and Georgia as well as engage itself in the other countries of the EaP. To this one might add our ongoing cooperation with civil society organisations in EU neighbourhood countries on the southern rim of the Mediterranean.
ALDA enjoys the support of members in most of the countries of Europe, i.e. regional and local authorities, NGOs and individuals. Based on its commitment to a Europe for All, ALDA has become a dedicated partner of the EU within the programme Europe for Citizens and has together with its members been implementing many projects to promote civic participation in its various forms, including volunteering.
I wish you and interesting and inspiring read, browsing through our site.