Youth Delegation from GEYC visits ALDA Brussels Office

Oct 19, 2023

Youth empowerment & Education

On the 16th of October 2023, ALDA Brussels welcomed a group of over 35 young individuals from Romania as part of a visit by the “Group of the European Youth for Change” (GEYC), a recent addition to the ALDA membership.

GEYC, a Romanian youth organization founded in 2010, operates at the European level and serves as the initiator and coordinator of the PRISMA European Network. This network represents a broad coalition aimed at enhancing the quality of youth projects. GEYC’s overarching mission is to empower young people to instigate positive change within their communities.

ALDA maintains six offices that are accessible to all its members. During this visit, our colleagues had the pleasure of hosting the GEYC delegation at its Brussels office. The occasion provided an opportunity for a mutual exchange of ideas, with ALDA representatives shedding light on their mission, activities, and the connections that unite the two organizations. Furthermore, the session allowed ALDA to gain insights from the young participants regarding their projects and how ALDA could contribute to their initiatives.

One project highlighted during the visit, in alignment with both organizations’ commitment to empowering and supporting youth for community-driven change, was “Constanța pentru TINEri!” (Constanta for YOUth!). This initiative is a collaborative effort between GEYC and the Youth Federation of Constanta. Its primary goal is to empower young people to advocate for the establishment of Youth Centers in their communities. These centers will serve as hubs guiding and representing youth in their interactions with local authorities. They will provide information, counseling, promote volunteering, civic engagement, and serve as a vital link between young individuals and decision-makers.

Both GEYC and ALDA share a common vision of enhancing local environments by fostering connections with local authorities

Both GEYC and ALDA share a common vision of enhancing local environments by fostering connections with local authorities, with the objective of ensuring good governance and encouraging citizen involvement through grassroots actions.

Membership in ALDA offers numerous advantages, including integration into a well-established European network, support for project development and funding opportunities, access to information, organizational structures, and dissemination of knowledge, as well as opportunities for training and capacity building, among many other benefits.

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