Zero Hunger: Register to the IV Oru Fogar World Summit

Oct 03, 2022

Environment & climate

Together to implement Sustainable Development Goal number two: zero hunger!

This is the aim of the IV World Summit of Regions on Food Security and Sovereignty, organised by Oru Fogar on 27 and 28 October 2022 in Chile.

With the idea of facilitating the representation of the regions in global forums, while working to create a network among them, Oru Fogar is committed to empower regions and enable them to become an active part in the decision making process on education, education, health and the construction of social infrastructures.

The centrality of regions is also crucial for this IV World Summit. Yet, before going into depth let’s take a step back to the previous editions. 2010 marked the beginning: Dakar (Senegal) hosted the Summit, during which an action programme for food and nutrition was launched. The Region of Lower Normandy was elected chair, while the Centre Region of Burkina Faso got the role of vice presidency.

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Furthermore, more than 1400 participants, representing nearly 30 countries, gathered in Colombia, in 2012 for the II Summit; while Ecuador hosted the III one in 2018, thus stressing the great interest around the topic of food safety practices.

Specifically, the Côre Group of Food Sovereignty, born from an agreement between Oru Fogar and FAO back in 2008, is directed to  promote regions’ capacity in terms of  food security policy in its own territory; while increasing cooperation among regions.

In light of this, the IV Summit has to be understood as a further occasion to underline the necessity to concretely implement the SDG number two, and to work together to fight hunger.

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