ALDA at the launch event of the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan: responding to the challenges of globalisation with concrete policies

Jul 18, 2022

Territorial & local development

This month, ALDA was invited by Istanbul Metropolis and the Istanbul Planning Agency to the Launch event of the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan release and opening of the IPA Campus.

Istanbul 2050 is the new strategic and policy plan envisioned by the city of Istanbul for the year 2050 to be more sustainable, inclusive and resilient. It is the result of a participatory, interdisciplinary, and scientific process of more than 2 years carried out in cooperation with the citizens and various local, national and international stakeholders.

Building on the various international instruments, trends and approaches in terms of sustainable development and adapted to the priority issues, objectives, and potential problems of Istanbul, the plan focuses on 7 main pillars which are:

  1. Climate and Environment,
  2. Transformative and Resilient Economy,
  3. Accessible and Fair Urban Amenities for All,
  4. Vibrant and Sensible Spaces Assuring Good Living for All,
  5. Effective and Inclusive Mobility,
  6. Integrated and Smart Infrastructure Systems, and
  7. Equal and Free Society.

ALDA was invited by Istanbul Metropolis to the Launch event of the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan

This event was therefore a milestone, being the first occasion to present the plan to the citizens and the international community, introduced by all the actors who have worked on it and by the Mayor of Istanbul, M. Ekrem İmamoğlu. Held on the 5th and 6th July in the newly inaugurated Istanbul Planning Agency Florya Campus, the event brought together hundreds of national and international experts, numerous workshops, conferences, activities and side events and gathered a considerable number of participants.

Our colleague Ms. Apolline Bonfils, project officer of the Middle East and Africa department, intervened in the panel “A discussion on The Role of the Cities in Sustainable Development Agenda Beyond 2030” during the first day of the inauguration which aimed to identify the challenges and opportunities of international sustainability frameworks for cities. The evening and the second day were dedicated to the presentation and screening of the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan from different perspectives.

This framework drawn up by Istanbul provides a valuable and concrete example for other cities of how to adapt to the current challenges of globalisation through effective policies at local level. ALDA is grateful to the Metropolis for having made it part of the reflections on this plan, and sends its encouragement to all the Istanbul stakeholders involved in its development and implementation.

Learn more about the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan


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