Animated short film on cyberbullying available in six languages

Sep 01, 2012

Good governance

The Metamorphosis Foundation, Macedonian partner of the programme for decentralised cooperation between the Region Lower Normandy (France) and North Macedonia, produced a short animated film entitled “Bully” which addresses the topic of cyberbullying.
The film is translated into five languages (French, English, Albanian, Turkish and Romani) in order to reach a broader audience. The translated versions are available at

The language versions have been made as part of the project for decentralised cooperation between Macedonia and the Lower Normandy Region.
The purpose of the film is to raise awareness among young people of this phenomenon and the consequences it can have both for the harassed individual and for the bully.
Through the initiative to raise awareness of online privacy protection, 13 short films and 10 online games and quizzes were made and translated into French, Albanian, Turkish and Romani. The addressed topics are: cyber-bullying, protection of passwords, video games and chat addiction, online shopping, plagiarism…