City of Sousse:  ALDA Secretary General delivered a training with the “Autrement” Project

Oct 15, 2021

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Sousse, the lovely town on the Mediterranean coast, hosted a training session within the “Autrement” Project. With great joy and happiness in meeting colleagues and friends, ALDA Secretary General – Antonella Valmorbida got to the city during a warm tunisian day, at the beginning of October 2021.

Targeting “Local and Participatory Democracy and Social Accountability”, Ms. Valmorbida delivered a valuable and interactive training session on October 7th, for the Municipality of Mahdia and the Municipality of Kairouan. Several participants gathered at the conference room in Sousse, where the session was taking place. 

Round tables; a projector and a board were everything needed to start the training with enthusiasm! Gathered around tables, participants joined the morning session, tackling the key aspects and tools when it comes to implementing local democracy. Furthermore, the occasion offered time and space for   questions, dialogue and sharing on crucial issues related to the topic. 

Sousse, the lovely town on the Mediterranean coast, hosted a training session within the “Autrement” Project

In addition, the event was particularly dedicated to council members, technicians and administrators and members of civil society in the two municipalities mentioned above. Together with participants, colleagues from ALDA Tunisia and “Autrement” project took part in the session as well.

Overall, this event has to be understood within a greater context. Hence, Antonella Valmorbida had the occasion to have meetings, moments of sharing and exchange with other key players, committed, as well as ALDA, for the best of local communities in Tunisia. 

After more than a year, the training session in Sousse marked not only an important moment for the implementation of the project, but also an essential occasion to meet old and new staff members, delegates from the ADL and all the friends of ALDA in the amazing country of Tunisia.

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