Forestry Operators, Reflecting on Equalising Skills and Training


FOREST replies to the fragmentation of competences in forestry management at national and international levels, by giving rise to debate around the possibility to create a standard level of competences and skills of forestry workers and promoting innovation and professionalism by joint actions and initiatives.
Debates will be channelled into three levels: technical concerning the contents of training programmes and skills required to forestry operators; legislative to harmonise authorisations to emit diploma and certificate; innovation and sustainability.


  • Map out, discuss and exchange knowhow about forest management, VET and standard of security;
  • Promote the exchange of good practices and techniques with other European countries;
  • Improve the level of professionalism and competitiveness of forest workers at cross-border level;
  • Raise knowledge and safety standards of workers as well as the quality of their interventions;
  • Discuss the creation of a standard level of competences and skills of forestry workers, valid across national borders.