Funding Opportunities

ALDA supporting local actions around the world through regranting

ALDA has a key role in subgranting, supporting projects that foster European values and civic engagement. Our biggest subgranting programme, under the Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values (CERV) 2024 framework, aims to empower local initiatives and strengthen civil society. This initiative aligns with ALDA’s mission to promote democracy, human rights, and active citizenship across Europe.

The Operating Grant

ALDA is among the EU organisations that receive an annual Operating Grant co-financed by the CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values) Programme, due to its commitment to active citizenship and promoting European values and rights across Europe and beyond. This grant supports ALDA’s networking, advocacy, and awareness-raising activities.

The action plan adopts a multidisciplinary approach with three key aspects:

  1. An integrated combination of various activities.
  2. A multistakeholder approach, targeting different members, partners, and beneficiaries.
  3. A focus on citizens with diverse priorities and goals.

ALDA’s priorities include:

  • Supporting local communities in facing economic and social crises, responding to current and future challenges like the war in the EU neighborhood, and empowering communities through citizen participation and multistakeholder cooperation.
  • Engaging citizens in the ecological transition (Green Deal), encouraging reflection and action on climate and environmental issues.
  • Combating disinformation in democratic debates, empowering EU citizens to make informed decisions, particularly focusing on the EU Elections this year.

Additionally, the Operating Grant includes a re-granting scheme aimed at amplifying the network’s impact at the local level by supporting ALDA members’ local projects.

Operating Grant 2024

Every year ALDA launches a call call for proposals to fund ALDA members willing to support impactful initiatives that promote a sense of belonging to the European Union. In 2024 the call was aimed at supporting local and grass-root initiatives in the field of EU values and policies, in order to promote both a sense of belonging to the EU in view of the 2024 EU elections, and a sense of “local ownership” and engagement in the local community. Take a look at the ALDA members selected for this call!

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Operating Grant 2023

In February 2022, ALDA launched a call for proposals to fund ALDA members willing to support participatory actions in the field of sustainability. ALDA received many interesting and qualitative applications. After the evaluation carried out by an appointed  Evaluation Committee(EC), 15 organisations from 8 different countries were selected. Discover the actions implemented by clicking on the button below!

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