Social PostCovid19 Urban Revitalisation


The SPUR project sees a collaboration between 6 local authorities of 5 European Countries which are the bearer of significant expertise in supporting marginalised youth and elders and are often working with people coming from a migratory background or marginalised gender. These are citizens whose socialisation suffered the most during the Covid19 pandemic, however episodes of urban solidarity spurred amid restrictions and lockdown.

While the consequences of the pandemic are still harshly felt by some of these subjects, the SPUR project will be the occasion thanks to which their municipalities of residence will map their needs of these citizens, exchange best practices and pilot further initiatives to strengthen neighbour socialisation.


  • Reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 in local communities for elderly and the youth;
  • Social reintegration of migrants and women;
  • Establishing transnational cooperation of communities on a European level for peer learning and the exchange of best practices;
  • Finding sustainable, long-term solutions for building a resilient community;
  • Creating a network among citizens, associations and local authorities within the local territories