The annual meeting of the CORLEAP takes place in Chişinău, Moldova

Sep 17, 2012

Good governance

The Director of ALDA, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, represents the Civil Society Forum for Eastern Partnership, in her capacity of Coordinator of the Subgroup on Local Governance and Public Administration Reform at the annual meeting of the CORLEAP (Chişinău, Moldova, 17 September 2012).
The Subgroup LGPAR is presenting in Chişinău a report on the state of fiscal decentralisation in the EaP Countries. Connected to it, a specific proposal on Fiscal Decentralisation is addressed to the Corleap members.

The State of Fiscal Decentralisation in the six countries highlights some good progresses but also some stagnation or even drawbacks – unfortunately – in some countries, like in Belarus and Azerbaijan. Certainly, Fiscal Decentralisation should be part of a vast and complex process of affirmation of Local Authorities, which have to be considered not only as subdivision of the State power but as more autonomous entities that could respond to the needs of citizens, at the local level.
The Assessment here provided is drafting specific recommendations country by country and with a related timeframe that could be certainly considered for policy making, together with the expertise provided also by the Corleap members. The role of civil society in supporting fiscal decentralisation is also mentioned as a promoter of debate and awareness, collector of information and data, implementor of programmes and monitoring of the standards to be achieved, expertise and capacity building provider.
The Subgroup for Local Government and Public Administration Reform of the Civil Society Forum proposes to the CORLEAP to launch a common initiative on a single strong priority, such is Fiscal Decentralisation. Aware of the difficulty ahead of us, it is proposed to identify it as a common priority and strongly lobby for a flagship initiative or programme/project proposal, within the framework of the Eastern Partnership.
Fiscal decentralisation remains a difficult and political target, which might be perceived as a long term objective. Some of the EU representatives within the CORLEAP may also think that Fiscal Decentralisation remains not completed within their own country yet. We consider then this possible joint project as an opportunity of working together, between EU and EaP countries. Fiscal decentralisation is not only a technical step. It is a substantial element for strengthening a real autonomy of local government and local democracy, which we consider essential for peace, sustainable development and prosperity of our communities.
The Civil Society Forum for Eastern Partnership is a permanent observer of the Corleap and takes part – since last year – in all the 4 official Platforms of the Partnership.
The Subgroup on Local Government and Public Administration Reform is composed of 28 NGOs (from EaP and EU) of the Civil Society Forum for Eastern Partnership, with a specific expertise in these fields. ALDA is coordinator of the Subgroup since the meeting in Poznan (Nov 2011).