The New Spanish Presidency: Priorities and Expectations

Jul 17, 2023

Good governance

A new period has started in Europe with Spain that has assumed the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Following the last Swedish presidency, from the 1st of July, the Iberian country took this role for the next six months, until December 31st 2023, being the first of the current “Trio”, made up of the presidencies of Spain, Belgium and Hungary. 

After decades of growth but also delicate and peculiar challenges, and with the impasse of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the President of the Spanish government Mr. Pedro Sánchez declared his gratitude and diligence for this responsibility, presenting the priorities of the Spanish mandate.

ALDA welcomes the Spanish Presidency of the European Council: focus on reindustrialization, environmental transition, internal changes and social and economic justice

One of the pillars of the Spanish Presidency is Europe’s reindustrialising through innovation, greater integration of the single market and the development of trade relations with third countries aimed at strengthening European supply chains. 

The second priority is the implementation of an ecological transition that supports the achievement of climate neutrality and targets set by the European Institutions, saving money and creating new job opportunities.

Another aim stated by President Sánchez is to consolidate the social pillar, fighting economic injustice through “the establishment of minimum standards for business taxation in all Member States, particularly in the digital sphere, and to combat tax evasion, tax avoidance and the use of shell companies“.

Finally, the fourth priority is to strengthen Europe’s union, enhancing communitary instruments, such as the NextGeneration EU funds, and internal reforms like the discussion of a new Pact on Migration and Asylum

ALDA welcomes with emphasis the new Spanish Presidency, willing to support it in the fulfilment of this agenda and encouraging the European governance to keep active the participation of the citizens.


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