Territorial & Local Development

In the symphony of democracy, territorial and local development are the vital notes that empower communities to compose their own harmonious future.

Territorial and local development are the cornerstones of democracy, as they empower citizens to actively engage in decision-making, foster social cohesion, and ensure equitable opportunities. By decentralising power and promoting community involvement, local development strengthens the foundations of a thriving democratic society.

Territorial and local development are crucial for various reasons:

Empowerment: They empower communities and citizens by involving them in decision-making processes.
Community Engagement: Through participation and involvement, they build strong, cohesive communities that are actively invested in their well-being.
Economic Growth: Local development stimulates economic growth, creates job opportunities, and enhances living standards, reducing vulnerability to extremism or autocracy.
Civic Education: Civic education programs instill democratic values, promoting informed and engaged citizens who protect democratic institutions.
Conflict Resolution: Local development often resolves conflicts locally, maintaining stability and trust, crucial for democratic functioning.
Inclusivity: Local development addresses inequalities, ensuring marginalised groups have a voice and equal access to resources, promoting an equitable society.

The Thematic Hub on territorial and local development serves as a knowledge nucleus, fostering collaboration and innovative solutions for empowered and thriving communities.

The Hub’s main pillars are:


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