ALDA in Trieste for strategic meetings with the President of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Municipality of Trieste

On July 18, 2023, Mr. Alessandro Perelli, ALDA Vice-President and representative of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in the Governing Board, together with Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, ALDA Secretary General, and Ms. Veronica Vidotto, ALDA Membership Officer, went to Trieste (Italy) to meet with the President of the Autonomous Region of FVG, Mr. Massimiliano Fedriga, and the Municipality of Trieste

The Region Friuli Venezia Giulia has a longstanding partnership with ALDA and finances three Local Democracy Agencies. On the working table together, the key focus was on: 

  • the relevance for the Region concerning the work in the Western Balkans for their historical, economic and cultural relations, linked to the need to cooperate for EU membership;
  • ALDA’s Flagship Initiative in Ukraine: regarding this, the region FVG is committed to support Ukraine and aligned with the Italian Ministry of Entreprises and Made in Italy who sees the harbour of Trieste as the access to the Mediterranean for Ukraine. The President expressed the interest of the Region in working together for the opening of LDA Odesa;
  • the structured relation within the Italian and European institutions: FVG is interested in the efforts of ALDA to develop structured relations with the Italian institutional framework. Since 2021, Mr. Fedriga has been president of the Conference of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, whose strengthened role can be a platform for ALDA to involve Italian regions and to work at intra-regional level.

Mr. Fedriga welcomed ALDA’s work and initiatives, and the Association is looking forward to continuing this valuable collaboration and working further on the territorial and local approach as the foundation of democracy and development.

The Association is looking forward to continuing this valuable collaboration and working further on the territorial and local approach as the foundation of democracy and development

During the second part of the day, the ALDA team met with the Municipality of Trieste, namely with Ms. Serena Tonel, Deputy Mayor of Trieste, and Ms. Beatrice Micovilovich, in charge of urban planning and programmes.

Trieste has had a twinning program with the Municipality of Mykolaiv for many years, which was strengthened with the outbreak of war in Ukraine, with the City of Trieste providing regular humanitarian aid.

ALDA will follow-up on this meeting, getting in touch with Mykolaiv Municipality and working with the partnership revolving around the opening of a new LDA in Ukraine.

Vacancy: Administrative Assistant (Vicenza, IT)

[Vacancy in 🇮🇹]

ALDA è alla ricerca di un Administrative Assistant che, riportando direttamente al referente finanziario, dovrà occuparsi di supportare la gestione amministrativa, con l’aiuto di uno studio di commercialisti e consulenti del lavoro.

Principali attività e responsabilità:

  • Contabilità e gestione amministrativa (emissione fatture, gestione ciclo passivo, supporto al commercialista, gestione banche, supporto gestione personale, ecc).
  • Rendicontazione di progetti finanziati nell’ambito di programmi europei, nazionali e regionali;
  • Supporto ufficio gare e attività core: corsistica, eventi, assistenze tecniche, ricerca e analisi bandi (es. via MEPA), ecc.

Tra i requisiti richiesti:

  • Diploma in ragioneria, un’eventuale laurea in materie economiche costituirà un asset;
  • Lingue: Italiano, Inglese (ottimo livello scritto e parlato, livello B2/C1), preferenziale la conoscenza del Francese;
  • Precedente esperienza di almeno 2 anni in una simile posizione;
  • Interesse per le tematiche europee;
  • Esperienza nel rapportarsi con gli enti locali;
  • Spiccate abilità interpersonali e comunicative;
  • Propensione a lavorare in team;

Dove e quando:

L’ufficio di ALDA a Vicenza (Italy), iniziando, preferibilmente a settembre 2023.

Come candidarsi:

Le persone ambosessi (D.Lgs 903/77) in possesso dei requisiti e interessate a candidarsi alla posizione, possono inviare Curriculum Vitae con foto e Lettera di Presentazione via mail all’indirizzo indicando nell’oggetto “Administrative Assistant – ALDA”.

Si richiede inoltre di indicare almeno il nome e il contatto di 2 referenze. La candidatura deve pervenire entro venerdì 15 settembre 2023. I colloqui si terranno la settimana seguente.

LDA Tunisia hosts the Multiplier Event, international workshop on environmental good practices

From 3 to 5 July, 2023, the Local Democracy Agency Tunisia organised at the Continental Hotel in Kairouan, Tunisia, the “Multiplier Event”, an international workshop on environmental good practices.  The event gathered stakeholders coming from different tunisian cities and many international guests were also present: indeed, the focus of the occurrence were two main projects, notably READY (Raise Environmental Awareness for Deprived Youths) and AUTREMENT (Urban and Territorial Planning to Reinvent Mobilities and Engage Tunisian Citizens).

On July 3, 2023, LDA Tunisia warmly welcomed participants who had the opportunity to enjoy an exciting bike ride around the city of Kairouan while exploring its streets and monuments, as well as its incredible architecture. Moreover, the tour was the occasion to learn about Kairouan’s rich historical background as it was guided by a professional historian specialised in tunisian cities’ historical development. 

The day after, following LDA Tunisia Representative Mr. Youssef Nouri‘s welcoming speech, the first online workshop entitled “Effective communication on climate change” took place: led by Ms. Iro Alampei, Education program Representative within the MOI/ECSDE federation in Athens, Greece, the session aimed at providing the audience with concrete tools to raise awareness on climate change issues through a successful communication strategy.  

The event gathered stakeholders, notably youngsters, coming from 8 different countries and it represented a fruitful platform to deepen youth capacity building

Afterwards, the training session on the “Introduction to the localization of the SDGs at the local level” took place within the AUTREMENT project. The training’s objective was to analyse the process of translating the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development within the local context and challenges, defining, implementing and monitoring local actions and strategies that contribute to the global achievement of the SDGs.

To conclude the event, the floor was given to ADL Zavidovici Association which explained the READY project to the audience and moderated a panel of young participants that quibbled around sustainable development and climate change challenges.

The event gathered stakeholders, notably youngsters, coming from 8 different countries and represented a fruitful platform for youth to deepen their capacity building while networking: indeed, during the last evening, a cultural event was organised to give participants the opportunity to share with one another music, games and songs and get to know more about different cultures.

LDA Tunisia is deeply grateful to experts that joined the event for the valuable information and insights that were provided and to all the participants for their active interest and engagement throughout the event.

LDA Tunisia thanks also the associations that joined the event, among which ADL Zavidovici (Italy), Right Challenge (Portugal), ALDA, Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) (Turkey), Arc en Ciel, Ain Sefra (Algeria), We Youth (Tunisia) and the Lebanese Development Network (Lebanon) which unfortunately could not take part in our event due to logistic reasons; special thanks also to the partners of LDA Tunisia: Strasbourg Municipality (France), the city of Mahdia and Kairouan (Tunisia) and the whole AUTREMENT project consortium for the constant collaboration and support.


The New Spanish Presidency: Priorities and Expectations

A new period has started in Europe with Spain that has assumed the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Following the last Swedish presidency, from the 1st of July, the Iberian country took this role for the next six months, until December 31st 2023, being the first of the current “Trio”, made up of the presidencies of Spain, Belgium and Hungary. 

After decades of growth but also delicate and peculiar challenges, and with the impasse of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the President of the Spanish government Mr. Pedro Sánchez declared his gratitude and diligence for this responsibility, presenting the priorities of the Spanish mandate.

ALDA welcomes the Spanish Presidency of the European Council: focus on reindustrialization, environmental transition, internal changes and social and economic justice

One of the pillars of the Spanish Presidency is Europe’s reindustrialising through innovation, greater integration of the single market and the development of trade relations with third countries aimed at strengthening European supply chains. 

The second priority is the implementation of an ecological transition that supports the achievement of climate neutrality and targets set by the European Institutions, saving money and creating new job opportunities.

Another aim stated by President Sánchez is to consolidate the social pillar, fighting economic injustice through “the establishment of minimum standards for business taxation in all Member States, particularly in the digital sphere, and to combat tax evasion, tax avoidance and the use of shell companies“.

Finally, the fourth priority is to strengthen Europe’s union, enhancing communitary instruments, such as the NextGeneration EU funds, and internal reforms like the discussion of a new Pact on Migration and Asylum

ALDA welcomes with emphasis the new Spanish Presidency, willing to support it in the fulfilment of this agenda and encouraging the European governance to keep active the participation of the citizens.



Czech Presidency of the European Council: Welcome!

ALDA welcomes the Swedish EU Council Presidency

A very warm welcome to the new EU Lives Project Volunteers

ALDA is beyond excited to welcome the selected Leverage for Initiating Volunteers in Europe and Surrounding (EU LIVES) volunteers, who will join ALDA for the following 11 months.  Meet Lorenzo, Michele, Alessia and Kauan Juliano, joining in Brussels (Belgium); Annalisa, Martina and Amal, working in Strasbourg (France); and Francesco and Giorgia, volunteering at the ALDA Office in Skopje (North Macedonia). They will actively work on different projects and initiatives within different departments, notably in the area of project development, management and communication as well. 

The nine EU LIVES volunteers attended a two-day long training on the different activities of ALDA, introduced by the ALDA staff in Cremona (Italy). Afterwards, volunteers took off to their respective new roles and destinations: they are now moving their first steps in the ALDA offices, supported and encouraged by the whole ALDA Staff who is looking forward to working with young, proactive and determined volunteers. 

On a general perspective, the EU LIVES project, developed together with the Municipality of Cremona within the Italian “Universal Civil ServiceProgramme, aims at involving young people in mobility paths that favor their personal growth: on the one hand in view of their professional future, on the other in relation to their role of citizens of local communities and of a wider European community. Hence, the volunteers will follow the general target of the project by implementing ALDA’s daily tasks and while being part of ALDA’s big community. 

ALDA knows that each volunteer has a lot of potential to convey and wants to wish them a great year ahead: welcome to the team!

Kick-Off for USE IPM: the start of exciting collaborative collaboration!

The highly anticipated kick-off meeting for the USE IPM (Up-Skilling Researchers for Sustainable Entrepreneurship based on Innovation Process Management) project commenced this July 13, at the Faculty of Economics of the public University of Niš, Serbia. 

The partners, representing more than 12 european institutions met to introduce their universities and associations, while outlining their respective roles and contributions within the consortium.

The USE IPM project aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of researchers in developing countries, empowering them to thrive in the fields of research, innovation, and technology transfer. 

With a focus on sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation process management, the project aims to create a network of valuable partnerships and drive the development of innovative solutions with lasting positive effects.

Looking forward to the next meeting!

Forum delle acque 2023: strengthening the participatory base of eco-museums to valorise and protect the territory

On June 24 2023, Mr. Marco Boaria, ALDA Director of Programs and Corporate Strategy, participated in the “Forum delle Acque” (water forum), which took place in Terni (Italy). 

The “Forum delle Acque” is a moment of study and discussion on good practices for the protection and regeneration of the water resource: a meeting ground for knowledge, ideas, projects, organisations and people active on this issue, and a laboratory for sustainable and circular solutions in the interaction between mankind and nature, which aims to create a space for experimentation, information and reflection.

The forum aims to contribute to the creation of a new ‘Water Culture’ by approaching the topic from different aspects, which correspond to the various focuses presented; creating training and discussion for public and private decision-makers; investigating new relationships between art, technology, popularisation and science; developing new educational models oriented towards awareness and sustainability; implementing cultural enhancement of landscape and community systems; improving water management in the face of increasingly critical changes; proposing experiences in the territory directly related to water.

Reaching its second edition, the four-day long Forum was attended by numerous speakers who, through their expertise and knowledge, provided interesting and insightful information on the topics mentioned above. 

Guidelines, good practices and coordination policies on water issues were presented to stakeholders

Specifically, the day on 24 June focused on the valorisation of the cultural and natural landscape through Water Ecomuseums. The lecturers discussed the presentation of the best national experiences in order to outline guidelines, good practices and coordination policies on the matter. 

Mr. Boaria participated in a roundtable discussion on the Water Ecomuseum of the Marmore waterfall, called “Le Terre di Hydra”, an ecomuseum that aims to increase the attractiveness of the area, rediscovering values and adding meaning to the tourist’s visit: a gateway to the area, its history and its many points of interest.

The participation in the Forum acquires a very important meaning for the Association. ALDA, as well as ALDA+ and ALDA Italia Aps, through the implementation of European, national and local projects, have always been committed to the valorisation of the territory and the use of digital and technological tools to safeguard it and increase its attractiveness. ALDA is particularly interested in the experiences of eco-museums mainly because of the strong ‘participatory’ background on which eco-museums are based, and therefore on this common value we look forward to future cooperations between the Association and the network of eco-museums. 


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Anti-discrimination and empowerment: ALDA supports persons with disabilities and celebrates Disability Pride month

July is Disability Pride Month! During this month, we focus on persons with disabilities to foster their empowerment and ensure they are seen and included in building broader equality

According to the Fact Sheet on Disability by the World Health Organization, persons with disabilities represent the world’s biggest minority, making up around 16% of the global population. It should be added that, from an intersectional perspective, disability is often combined with other factors, like gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity and economic status, that can result in multiple forms of inequality.

Research by SDG Watch Europe shows that many European countries still lack legislation aimed at protecting persons with disabilities from discrimination. Even worse, according to the European Disability Forum, some of these countries uphold laws which actively discriminate against them, like those enforcing sterilisation on persons with disabilities.

Certain paternalistic beliefs deem persons with disabilities as completely incapable of taking care of themselves, or of at least participating in decisions that concern them. A similar ableist world-view designs society only for bodies without disabilities, effectively disabling other bodies by turning their impairments into actual barriers to social inclusions and preventing them from fully fitting.

Rather, the Disability Pride movement constitutes itself with the different needs of different bodies in focus, in order to empower them. For example, its official flag has recently been redesigned with limited strobe effects and brightness, making it more accessible to people with colour blindness and to those with visually triggered disabilities.

ALDA aims for the change of discriminatory policies, behaviours and beliefs from an intersectional point of view

Inclusiveness is one of the values at the core of ALDA’s Gender Equality & Anti-Discrimination Policy, which contrasts bias and prejudices toward persons with disabilities of all kinds.


Micro Glossary

Ableism: A form of discrimination against persons with disabilities. It is often inscribed in policies, behaviours, rules, etc., that are centred around bodies without disabilities, resulting in the exclusion of bodies with different needs

Intersectionality: It refers to how certain social categories or characteristics – such as ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, economic status, (dis)ability – can be interconnected and overlapping. Intersectionality often sheds light on how people belonging to more than one category can experience multiple types of discrimination

Persons with disabilities: Someone who has some form of impairment which, in an ableist culture and society, makes them face additional struggles or barriers. Many prefer it to “disabled people”, so that the person is emphasised, rather than the disability. “Persons” and “disabilities” also refer to the wide range of individualities and impairments, which do not constitute a homogenous group or condition

2030 Youth Vision: 2nd transnational partners meeting and training event

From 4 to 7 July, 2023 the 2030 Youth Vision project partners met in Rome (Italy) for the second transnational partners meeting, hosted by Fondazione Mondo Digitale – FMD. The meeting represented a key moment to explore the work undertaken so far by the six partners and to define together the next steps of the project. During the meeting, the ALDA and CREAS presented the collection of 24 good practices carried out in Europe regarding youth participation in the production of local strategies and activities. DRPDNM presented the information and awareness material addressed to young people to be used, together with the good practices, in the Local Labs that will be set up in September in Catadau (Spain), Lousada (Portugal), Novo Mesto (Slovenia) and Rome (Italy).

In parallel with the partner meeting, a training activity for youth workers and local agents was held by some FMD, CREAS and ALDA experts. The aim of the training was to provide youth workers and local agents with tools to support the inclusion of youth in the local strategic planning process.

Through different methodologies, the partners trained participants about SDGs, Agenda 2030, participatory processes and strategic planning

The training has been fondamental for participants in order to be prepared in setting up the Local Labs that will focus on the co-design of a participatory process together with youngsters. 

In conclusion, the second transnational partners meeting was an intense and fruitful opportunity, both for the partners to prepare for the next phases of the project, and for the training participants who acquired news skills and knowledge.


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ReCAP Training of Trainers: discovering artistic and cultural tools to involve youngsters with fewer opportunities at local level

From June 25 to July 2, 2023, twenty youth workers gathered in Vicenza (Italy) on the occasion of the Training of Trainers of the ReCAP project.

Coordinated by La Piccionaia, the Training of Trainers represented a crucial moment for the project. After having identified and proposed different artistic and cultural tools to be collected in the Art and Cultural Toolbox for Youth workers, the involved participants from the ten partner organisations had the chance to present and test the targeted techniques. These techniques will be then used to involve youngsters with fewer opportunities at local level and help them reintegrate in their communities in the post-pandemic context

The overall goal of the ReCAP Training of Trainers was to share the expertise and knowledge of the partners with colleagues from all the partner countries, and identify strengths and weaknesses of the selected tools based on different artistic methods, such as dance, theatre, painting, poetry, and use of pictures.

The techniques discussed will be used to involve youngsters with fewer opportunities at local level and help them reintegrate in their communities in the post-pandemic context

The team building activities held at the beginning of the training by Mr. Carlo Presotto, the Artistic Director of La Piccionaia, were essential to create a safe environment for the participants to freely express themselves and feel involved in the process of co-creation of the tools.

Then, throughout the 8-day intense training, the enthusiastic participants created great synergies and a strong collaboration in their group, and they actively participated in the daily sessions, highly contributing to the success of this Training of Trainers.

This fruitful experience created the base for the youth workers to define their local paths, through which they will replicate and use some of the tools in their local contexts. In the upcoming months, each couple of youth workers based in each partner country will be working with selected groups of young people in vulnerability, with the aim of promoting social inclusion and active participation among them.

In the meantime, a comprehensive toolbox collecting all artistic and cultural tools is going to be finalised by La Piccionaia, and will be published soon as the second project result. 

Read more about the ReCAP project here


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