Food Wave supports 16 project ideas led by Municipalities and targets Young People, all over Europe!

Call for proposal, networking 

16 Projects were selected for the Food Wave Call for proposals directed to Municipalities and Cities! 

The Food Wave – Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme and promoted by the Municipality of Milan together with 29 partners across 17 countries. It aims to create awareness of sustainable ways to consume and produce food for climate change mitigation. 

The Food Wave Call for Proposals is coordinated by ALDA with the collaboration of the project partners and in synergy with the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) and aims to involve smaller youth organizations and local authorities in realizing actions promoting climate-friendly food consumption behaviors. It will fund the selected proposals up to 3.750 Euro, directly involving young people – between 15 and 35 years old – in nine EU countries. 

The main themes that the funded proposals will address are: sustainable diets to reduce the impact on the planet and protect human rights, fight against food waste, sustainable food education and knowledge sharing/dissemination, local alternative food systems, local producer and territorial market, fight against climate change and equal access to healthy, sustainable and fair food. 

The main activities that the municipalities will implement include, among others, communication, promotion of good practices, cooking workshops, thematic visits, flash mobs, awareness-raising public events, initiatives in schools, art contests, and initiatives against food waste.

16 Projects were selected for the Food Wave Call for proposals directed to Municipalities and Cities!

This year, the Food Wave call for proposals took place in two rounds

The first one was held in March and saw the selection of ten projects in five EU countries (Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and The Netherlands), particularly related to sustainable diets, food waste, sustainable food education and equal opportunities for access to healthy and fair food. 

The second one was held in June and saw the selection of six projects in six EU countries (Italy, France, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and Spain), mainly focused on promoting sustainable practices, local alternative food systems, and knowledge sharing.

The activities carried out by the municipalities will involve a large number of stakeholders – from Universities and local schools to associations and local CSOs, effectively mobilizing and engaging more than 8.000 young people in their local communities.

Through the territorial actions promoted by the selected applicants, the project is contributing to the SDGs localization and the implementation of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, with a specific focus on fighting hunger (SDG 2), contributing to economic growth and decent work opportunities (SDG 8), promoting responsible consumption and production patterns (SDG 12), building sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11) and contributing to the climate action starting from the territorial level (SDG 13). 


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The Cities chosen for the first wave of this year’s call are: 


Country and territory where the project would be implemented
City of SchaerbeekBelgium – Schaerbeek
City of TrentoItaly – Trento
City of PurmerendNetherlands – Purmerend
Municipality of 7th District of BudapestHungary – Budapest area
City of SzobHungary – Szob
City of BenediktSlovenia – Benedikt
City of RazkrižjeSlovenia – Razkrižje
City of EtterbeekBelgium – Etterbeek
City of KungotaSlovenia – Kungota
City of HajdinaSlovenia – Hajdina


The Cities chosen for the second wave of this year’s call are:

City of VimianzoSpain – Vimianzo
City of Óbuda-Békásmegyer, Budapest District IIIHungary – Budapest area
City of PollicaItaly – Pollica
City of CampolidePortugal – Campolide
City of Palaio FaliroGreece – Palaio Faliro
City of Ploeuc L’HermitageFrance – Ploeuc L’Hermitage



3rd ALDATalk to exchange ideas on Urban Migration

On 22nd of August ALDA held the 3rd #ALDATalk dedicated to exchange ideas on Urban Migration.

Thank to the expertise of some Members and speakers, this third webinar has been the perfect occasion to further develop knowledge on the strict bond which stands among migration and urbanism: Hence, as already testified by the experience of EPIC -European Platform of Integrating Cities – Project, these two aspects do have lot in common and a holistic approach need to be pursue in order to boost integration.

More in concrete, among the keynote speakers, joining the event:

  • Ms Burcuhan ŞENER, Migration Policy Center Director from Marmara Municipalities Union (MMU), presented the current migration context in Turkey and specifically in Istanbul and Marmara Region.
  • Ms. Cloé Saint-Nom, Coordinator of the Rights and Justice Unit and Cristina Idone Befecadu shared their best practices in the migration and integration policies and projects based on examples of work of CESIE on the inclusion of migrant women survivors of trafficking

Third ALDATalk: on Urban Migration!

Thus, benefitting from their insights and comments, the audience had the opportunity to learn from the best practices presented; while having the chance to reflect on what should be done in the future to improve the migration and integration policies.

Finally, ALDA would like to thank the members who participated, and looks forward the upcoming Talk!


Sister-Cities Partnerships: Subnational Actors in the Cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of North Macedonia


In order to better understand China’s presence in the Western Balkans, and particularly North Macedonia, it is important to understand the interests and nature of Chinese cooperation initiatives, especially their slant towards the local level. The purpose of this brief is to examine local level cooperation between municipalities from China and North Macedonia, the potential benefits, risks and actual achievements. To that effect, the analysis is based on five case studies of sister-city partnerships between Macedonian and Chinese municipalities. Arguably there is willingness to collaborate on both sides.


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Read it here [ENG]Read it here [MK]


How to talk about the Schuman declaration? Discover the DESIRE project!

Discover the various and innovative activities on “Schuman Declaration” done by the DESIRE project partners in Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Serbia, North Macedonia, Belgium, Slovenia and Croatia

After many events, meetings, the publication of the e-book and many other activities, DESIRE partners are now sharing another key documents, which collects together a great number of information on the different initiatives implemented within the project.

Willing to know more on “European Remembrance” for example?  Check it here as strand one of the project!

About the DESIRE project

DEclaration of Schuman: Initiative for Revitalizing Europe (DESIRE) is a Europe for Citizens funded project. The project aims to raise people and especially youth’s awareness on the historical importance and the meaning of the Declaration of Schuman for the EU. The objective is to actively involve youth in approaching history in a proactive way. Through the co-creation of artistic tools, as videos, theatre, games, audio narratives, partners will accompany groups of youth citizens in re-discovering history and in debating on EU values as intercultural dialogue, peace and solidarity. The consortium is leading by Comune di Lavarone (Italy) and composed by Fondazione Belvedere-Gschwent (Italy), Union of bulgarian black sea local authorities (Bulgaria), Municipio de Valongo (Portugal), Danube 1245 (Serbia), Zdruzenie Institut za razvoj na zaednicata (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Administration Communale de Grez-Doiceau (Belgium), The Boter Institute (Slovenia), Kulturni centar Osijek (Croatia), ALDA (France).

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ALDA at the launch event of the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan: responding to the challenges of globalisation with concrete policies

This month, ALDA was invited by Istanbul Metropolis and the Istanbul Planning Agency to the Launch event of the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan release and opening of the IPA Campus.

Istanbul 2050 is the new strategic and policy plan envisioned by the city of Istanbul for the year 2050 to be more sustainable, inclusive and resilient. It is the result of a participatory, interdisciplinary, and scientific process of more than 2 years carried out in cooperation with the citizens and various local, national and international stakeholders.

Building on the various international instruments, trends and approaches in terms of sustainable development and adapted to the priority issues, objectives, and potential problems of Istanbul, the plan focuses on 7 main pillars which are:

  1. Climate and Environment,
  2. Transformative and Resilient Economy,
  3. Accessible and Fair Urban Amenities for All,
  4. Vibrant and Sensible Spaces Assuring Good Living for All,
  5. Effective and Inclusive Mobility,
  6. Integrated and Smart Infrastructure Systems, and
  7. Equal and Free Society.

ALDA was invited by Istanbul Metropolis to the Launch event of the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan

This event was therefore a milestone, being the first occasion to present the plan to the citizens and the international community, introduced by all the actors who have worked on it and by the Mayor of Istanbul, M. Ekrem İmamoğlu. Held on the 5th and 6th July in the newly inaugurated Istanbul Planning Agency Florya Campus, the event brought together hundreds of national and international experts, numerous workshops, conferences, activities and side events and gathered a considerable number of participants.

Our colleague Ms. Apolline Bonfils, project officer of the Middle East and Africa department, intervened in the panel “A discussion on The Role of the Cities in Sustainable Development Agenda Beyond 2030” during the first day of the inauguration which aimed to identify the challenges and opportunities of international sustainability frameworks for cities. The evening and the second day were dedicated to the presentation and screening of the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan from different perspectives.

This framework drawn up by Istanbul provides a valuable and concrete example for other cities of how to adapt to the current challenges of globalisation through effective policies at local level. ALDA is grateful to the Metropolis for having made it part of the reflections on this plan, and sends its encouragement to all the Istanbul stakeholders involved in its development and implementation.

Learn more about the Istanbul Vision 2050 Plan



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Villa Angaran welcomes the Universal Civil Service volunteers

It has started! With much enthusiasm ALDA team welcomed, in Villa Angaran, the selected Lighting Europe Democracy (LED) volunteers, who will join the Association for the next upcoming months.

Starting from Monday 11 July 2022, nine young freshly degreed students have been attending two-weeks in depth training tackling most of the different activities, and thus meeting several ALDA colleagues.

From a general perspective, this year project, developed together the Municipality of Cremona within the Italian “Universal Civil Service” Programme , focuses on promoting peace among people, and cooperation. Hence, the volunteers will follow how the general target of the project is translated into daily actions within ALDA.

Villa Angaran is now hosting in-depth trainings for this year Civil Service volunteers

With this is mind, the trainings that are now taking place in the peaceful and beautiful surrounding of  Villa Angaran in Bassano del Grappa (Italy), allow participants to find out more on:

  • Participatory processes
  • How to develop a project
  • How to communicate and disseminate
  • The logistic side on organising projects’ meetings
  • The financial management

Divided into small working groups LED volunteers actively took part in the trainings, by drafting – for example – a communication plan, or an event budget.

Activities will continue for another week, then LED participants will reach ALDA offices in Brussels, Strasbourg and Skopje. ALDA team wishes all the best, waiting for upcoming news and updates!


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Gdansk welcomes CAMELOT: urban and metropolitan EU cohesion policies

On the 4th and 5th of July, CAMELOT partners gathered in Gdansk (Poland) for the Steering committee and the international conference at the European Solidarity Centre (ESC).

On the first day, the meeting was structured as a roundtable where all the partners shared their experience on urban and metropolitan EU cohesion policies, mainly by talking about the actions undertaken to tackle climate change and its consequences. 

The following day, CAMELOT partners joined the 3rd Pomeranian Climate Solidarity Forum in the ESC. The forum was  devoted to energy transition, environmental issues, renewable energy sources and adaptation to climate change. The forum began by talking of the current war in Ukraine and its implication in the energy sector.

In Gdansk to experience on urban and metropolitan EU cohesion policies

In the introduction, the Secretary General of ALDA, Ms. Antonella Valmorbida, took part in the panel discussion alongside the Mayor of Gdansk, Ms. Aleksandra Dulkiewicz. Valmorbida talked about the role of Local Democracy Agencies in Ukraine and the importance of European solidarity to the country, then she explained how ALDA and its network are bringing EU funded projects to Ukraine and how to keep fostering the alliance. The forum continued with 3 debates on:

  • winter energy, 
  • climate change in metropolitan areas (in which the CAMELOT project described its outcome) and 
  • climate impact on agriculture.

Overall, the meeting was a successful moment of mutual exchange among partners on how to localise at metropolitan level the cohesion policy.


Delegation from Türkiye visiting Austrian and Croatian institutions

From the 12th to the 18th of June 2022, a delegation of high level officials from national and Local Authorities (LAs) from Türkiye, participated in the cross-border study visit on local governance-related issues in Austria and Croatia.

Organized by ALDA +  and UNDP Türkiye, and  within the framework of LAR III Project, this third study visit enabled the participants to deepen their knowledge on local administration capacity of the two-above mentioned EU Member States; benefiting from several meetings with Austrian and Croatian high level representatives from Ministries, Regional and Local Authorities.

The visit began from Vienna. During the first day, the delegation was granted audience with the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Service and Sport. The day after they were welcomed in the beautiful venue of the City of Vienna before moving to Graz.

Within LAR III project, the delegation from Türkiye visited Austria and Croatia institutions

There, for instance, the Turkish delegation had the opportunity to meet representatives of the City of Graz and of the Province of Styria. The latter shared examples of both best practices, and experience in the field of performance management; as well as Austrian lobbying activities in Brussels, while offering a guided tour through the streets of  the medieval old town.

Moreover, to end on a high note, Pula hosted the final meetings with Croatian LAs. Hence, the Director of the Regional Coordinator of the Istrian County for European Programs and Funds and a representative of the Istrian Development Agency welcomed the LAR III Turkish delegation, providing good knowledge and tools on participatory local governance.

Finally, participants traveled to Zagreb where they exchanged experiences with representatives from the Ministry of Justice and Administration, the City of Zagreb and while meeting the President of Croatian-Turkish Friendship Association and visiting the exhibition for 30 years of Cooperation between Türkiye and Croatia.

Overall, it was a in-depth, very useful week and intense … but surely an enriching experience!


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Placing citizens at the heart of the green and just transition to achieve a REAL DEAL for both the people and the planet

REAL DEAL is a recently-launched research project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, that aims at reshaping the active participation of citizens and stakeholders around the European Green Deal (EGD).

Building on recent experiences of pan-European deliberation processes, such as the Conference on the Future of Europe, the REAL DEAL’s main research objective is to analyse, test and validate innovative citizens’ participation and deliberation tools, formats and processes in the context of the green and just transition. 

The research partners have started to lay out the conceptual foundations for a future protocol for deliberative decision-making at European and country-level in the context of the European Green Deal. This will be followed by a test and validation of innovative deliberative formats and tools across 13 countries and at EU level, including digital, hybrid and physical events and processes.

Sign up here and join the #RealDealEu community!

In parallel, the REAL DEAL partners have started to identify and mobilise a pan-European network of stakeholders, with more than 500 organisations working in the areas of deliberative democracy and climate action across Europe. The first meeting of this stakeholder network took place during the “Civil Society Forum for Sustainability: Shaping the European Green Deal”, starting on June 9th in Brussels (Belgium).

The project has a dedicated transdisciplinary approach, a co-lead in the project coordination, and a co-creation of the whole work from the beginning and throughout: from the proposal to refining the research questions, the work in the work packages and task up to the internal review, all is done in joint work between researchers and civil society organisations. From a citizen outreach perspective, the REAL DEAL is set to engage with citizens and other stakeholders by building a community of Europeans who promote participation and deliberation in the green and just transition. The digital hub where citizens can get involved and take action is:

To meet the ambitious objectives for its research and citizen outreach activities, REAL DEAL brings together 16 (sixteen) partners, including researchers of deliberative democracy  and Europe’s largest civil society organisations (CSOs). 

The project is jointly coordinated by the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), a research organisation, and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), a civil society organisation. 

The REAL DEAL research project involves: 

  • Researchers and practitioners of deliberative democracy from a wide range of fields, including sustainability studies, participatory democracy, environmental rights and the law of public participation, ethics and responsible innovation, gender studies and ecofeminism, psychology, geography, urban planning.
  • Europe’s largest civil society networks advocating on the environment, climate, sustainable development, women’s rights, local and European democracy and youth environmental organization

ALDA is looking for the implementation of this project, while  promoting active participation within the green transition! 


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#EuSAVE: 6th International event in Concello de Vimianzo, Spain

From the 28th of June until the 1st of July 2022 the partners of the #EuSAVE project held the 6th international event in Concello de Vimianzo, Spain. The meeting was organised by the latter who is also the leader of the project. The title of the meeting was “Designing new and innovative joint development strategies for EU smart and sustainable historic villages”. The project includes partners from Italy, Croatia, Portugal, North Macedonia, Latvia and Bulgaria: 

On the first day the partners were invited to a Welcome Dinner, to which also the Mayoress of Concello de Vimianzo Mónica Rodríguez Ordóñez joined. 

The morning of the second day, the 29th of June 2022, was dedicated to the 6th transnational coordination meeting which took place at the house of culture in Vimianzo.

In the afternoon the group immersed themselves in the cultural and natural heritage of the Death Coast by visiting the church of Saint James of Cereixo, the fulling mills of O Mosquetín as well as the coastal towns Fisterra and Muxía. The outdoor lunch was accompanied by a musical performance of the well-known galician singer Inma Macías. The association Partido de Corcubión which consists of galician immigrants living in Argentina joined some of the activities during the international event

"Designing new and innovative joint development strategies for EU smart and sustainable historic villages" at the centre of EuSAVE meeting in Concello de Vimianzo

On the 30th of June some partners strolled through the village market of Vimianzo in the morning.after The Transnational Info Day took place in the house of culture during the whole afternoon. The Mayoress of Vimianzo Mónica Rodríguez Ordóñez officially started with welcoming words followed by presentations of each partner country about the project, its results, a virtual itinerary through each territory and lessons learned. On behalf of ALDA, Alessia Marzotto and Ingrid Nazarenus held a presentation about, ALDA’s  role in the the #EuSAVE project

The Transnational Info Day continued with a presentation about the cultural heritage of Vimianzo held by the cultural heritage specialist Manuel Rias Santos. After a medieval banquet in the Castle of Vimianzo and a spontaneous music performance from the association Partido de Corcubión, the Transnational Info Day went on with a presentation about “The Way of St. James in Galicia and the Death Coast” by the journalist and historian Antón Pombo.

Further presentations were held about the “Initiatives to enhance the value of the cultural heritage on the Death Coast” by the Vice President of the Galician Tourism Cluster Jesús Picallo, the “Importance of the heritage in the rural tourism” by the president of FEGATUR Francisco Xabier Alumíña Chorén and the “Initiatives to enhance the value of the cultural heritage on the Ribeira Sacra“ by the Manager of the Ribeira Sacra Tourism Consortium Alexandra Seara Sobrino.

During the thematic breakfast on the last day of the International meeting, the 1st of July 2022, the project partners learned more about the typical Galician finger food “Pinchos Irmandiños” from Carlos Gómez. After that, the partners met in the house of culture. The Municipality of Bolyarovo presented “Joint Strategies for smart and sustainable historical villages in the EU”, after which Cecilia Meledandri and Silvia Piccoli from ALDA talked about “The New Multi-annual Financial Framework 2021-2027 and the Next Generation EU. Tailor-made processes with different duration”.

After a coffee break, the Transnational workshop proceeded with a presentation of the Municipality of Vimianzo about the “Sustainability and Transfer Plan of the #EuSAVE network” and a workshop about proposals for the continuity and sustainability of the #EuSAVE network. The International event of the project concluded with a farewell dinner with costumes and a concert in the village of Vimianzo. 


More information about the #EuSAVE project can be found on the Website as well as on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the project:


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